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Third “Quickies” show announced

The third play for “Quickies: A Collection of Comedies” is entitled “I Got Nothing” written by Gabriel Ruiz. This play will be under the direction of Chad Wallace. More information will be announced soon.

“Quickies: A Collection of Comedies” will premiere March 26-27 in the Blue Room at Texas A&M Univ – Kingsville.  Show starts at 7:30.

QUICKIES! A Collection of Comedies

As we mentioned before, we have some short one-act comedies around the bend! The show is officially called “Quickies: A Collection of Comedies” and will feature two shows, “The Mattress” and “Regrets of Idiocy” with a third show very possible. Here is the current cast:

THE MATTRESS by Erik Helsing

LEO – Allan Guzman

BOREPHEUS – Jeanepierre Heurtelou

AGENT STITH – James Taylor Maupin IV

directed by Michael Verderber

REGRETS OF IDIOCY by Stephanie Wright

LYNDSAY – Kristine Trejo

CARLTON – Kurt “Buck” Mann

BABBETT – Stephanie Wright

directed by Michael Verderber

co-directed by Chad Wallace

The show is packed with many familiar faces and some new to the Zero Untitled family. “The Mattress” was written by Erik Helsing, a Texas A&M – Commerce graduate. The cast: Maupin (“In Regards”, “House Party Mix-Up”, etc), Heurtelou (“Once Enslaved”), and introducing Allan Guzman.

“Regrets of Idiocy” was written by Stephanie Wright (“A Winter’s Harvest”, “Once Enslaved”). The cast: Mann (“Mimeumentary”), Wallace (“Once Enslaved”) and introducing Kristine Trejo.

Performance dates tentatively scheduled for mid-March.



With the “Over White Wine” production at a stand still, we are continuing the 2008 season with a handful of one act plays.  Dates are still pending, but productions will most likely be in the Blue Room.

“THE MATTRESS” by Erik Helsing, is a spoof on “The Matrix” films and was originally produced at Texas A&M – Commerce under the direction of Gabriel Ruiz.

“REGRETS OF IDIOCY” by Stephanie Wright,  is the witty tale of two lovers just trying to mend their crumbling relationship.  A twist at the end you won’t expect!

Another play will more than likely be added to the mix so keep an eye out.   Some of the confirmed cast members are: James Taylor Maupin IV (“In Regards”, “Over White Wine”), Stephanie Wright (A Winter’s Harvest, Once Enslaved), Chad Wallace (Once Enslaved), and newbie Allan Guzman.

More details on the way!

Over White Wine – Update

The latest news on “Over White Wine” is bad news, actually.  Due to some problems with with audio, the film editing process has come to a bit of a stand still.  In the mean time, we have some one act plays just around the corner.  We’ll keep you posted on the outcome of OWW.

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