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Dramatic excitement in a comedy? “Quickies” wrap up

Not really, but there were the typical share of chaos that ensues every Zero Untitled show. And we love it.

First were the audience: we had 37 chairs set up, which is more than neccessary for such a small billing like “Quickies”.  At 7:28 the house was packed and two poor guys were left standing to watch the show.  At 7:30, a DOZEN more folks walked in!  We ran out of programs and were forced to hold off the show a couple of minutes to get more chairs put in the Blue Room.

Stressful fun.   The show went off pretty well and the actors were given the opportunity to work the crowd and improv a bit.  It worked well.  The crowd reacted well to every show, without a clear favorite being noted.

Second, there was a last minute show change: due to reasons beyond our control, we had to cancel the play “I Got Nothing” and Barry Berryhill stepped in to write a new script called “Taming of the Fleas: Act I.” The show starred Berryhill and Chad Wallace.

Third, Gabriel Ruiz stepped in to help with “Taming…” because Wallace was not available to perform one of the two nights. A special thanks goes out to him.

A thank you to all of the TAMUK Language and Literature faculty that announced the show to their classes.  The extra advertising put a LOT of people in the audience.

So what’s next for ZUFP?  Well, Verderber is still (and very slowly) working on Shakespeare’s “The Rape of Lucrece”,  “Chupacabra!”, and a children’s show.  At press, these are still in script format and we have not scheduled a time yet.  Ruiz is lengthening the “I Got Nothing” script and is balancing other projects.

In other news, Heraclio Gonzalez, Jr. is submitting several films to a film festival in Corpus Christi.  One of the films is “Mimeumentary” and he is also editing “Over White Wine” with better software than when we began.  Stay close to see what is going on!


“The Mattress” rehearsal pics up

Here are a few rehearsal pics of “The Mattress”. For more pics check out our myspace account!

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