After the Quickies hiatus, Zero Untitled is back at work postulating over possible show ideas.  Although, at press, nothing is set in stone, Verderber is planning some shorts featuring 3 very different works and even a possible duo of radio shows!  Here’s the breakdown:

“Before We Met” by Lisa Morin

“Red Roses All Over Me” by David Gutierrez

“Through Glass” by Coy Bolton

What makes these three pieces different?  A lot, actually.  For starters, they’re all written through different narrative styles and only one piece’s original writer’s conception was for the stage (“Red Roses”).  The other two works are written as short stories and have an abstract feel and a (Zero Untitled) characteristically dark vibe.  These should be great once we get directors and venues lined up.

For the radio shows:

“Charming” by Heraclio Gonzalez, Jr.

“Before We Met” by Liza Morin

ZUFP is always interested in experimenting with different mediums.  So why not dabble with radio?  “Charming” is the twisted interpretation of “Cinderella” – the story is through the prince’s eyes and he has an ulterior motive you wouldn’t expect!  “Before We Met”, as briefly explained above, could also work as a very potent radio piece.

Keep in tuned!