The latest  Zero Untitled show, collectively called FRACTURED, has been officially cast!  I also want to point out that we added a fourth show to the foray! The fourth show is called “Hemlock” written by Michael Verderber and directed by Melissa Anne Scott.  Here is the official cast list:

“Before We Met” by Liza Morin; dir. Jannah Morales

Girl – Olivia Cervantes

Boy – Jeanepierre Heurtelou

Chorus – Sara Flores

“Red Roses All Over Me” by David Gutierrez; dir. Barry Berryhill

Man – Barry Berryhill

Woman – Erika Cashwell

“Hemlock” by Michael Verderber; dir. Melissa Anne Scott

Hemlock – Savannah Martinez

“Through Glass” by Coy Bolton; dir. Michael Verderber

Chance – Chad Wallace

Dr. Campbell – Brian Worrall

Hope – Savannah Martinez

Alphonse – Barry Berryhill

Abbey – Olivia Cervantes

Lena – Sara Flores

Daniel – Jeanpierre Heurtelou

Thanks to all who auditioned! If you have been cast, please keep an eye on the “Rehearsal Schedule” page for the latest updates on your rehearsals.