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2008 In Review

Well, guys, 2008 was a relatively slow year for us.  No year has come close to being as busy as 2006 (we did 10 that year).  We produced only 2 shows in 2008.  We brought you:

          Quickies  (“The Mattress”, “Regrets of Idiocy” and “Taming of the Fleas: Act I”)

          Fractured (“Through Glass”, “Before We Met” and “Red Roses All Over Me”)

We thank you for your support for the arts and our cause.  Like all artists, we have many projects on the horizon (some of which we’ve procrastinated over for years). Instead of a season, here’s our “shows we’d like to see get done if we aren’t buried in work schedule”:

          Over White Wine  (film version. Yep, it was the top of our list last year, but after getting senior editor Megan Saenz on board, her expertise will get this show ready for its film festival premiere.  Speaking of which…)

          Zero Untitled Original Film Festival (already set for Jan-Feb)

          Charming / Before We Met (two radio versions of some great original short stories; possible Spring/Summer)

          Twas the Flop Before Christmas  (never too early to get on a Christmas show; this comic script was written this year in mid December and is ready for a 09 performance; obviously Winter)

          A Happening – due to the nature of happenings, this is all we can technically say about them except they might be happening; obviously “unscheduled”)

Yeah, Someday List:

          The Rape of Lucrece (this piece has always been on this list because of the sheer magnitude of the work; Verderber has been spending more time on it this December; possible Fall)

          Still Standing Still  (Verderber’s novella that has been slowly worked on for 4 years now; he’s thinking of finishing it off soon and create some sort of performance for it; possible Fall)

So, our goal this year is at least 3-4 shows.  We promise to not have another dismal 2 productions year.  The good news is that (as mentioned above) 2 are already scheduled (film fest and Xmas show).  We’ll squeeze in the happenings at random (obviously, or they wouldn’t be called a happening) and the radio shows in as well (hopefully).  We’re eager to be working and are ready to get productions going.  That’s the problem with the winter break; all this down time and no stage/venues available. 

Well, folks, that’s that! Thanks again for coming out; we had some record numbers with “Fractured” and we’re hoping to repeat that success in the coming year.  2009, here comes Zero Untitled.


Zero Untitled’s 3rd Film Festival!

Location: Blue Room, Sam Fore Hall at the Texas A&M Univ – Kingsville

Place: February 18th (and possible extended to the 19th, pending films).

Time: 6:00pm

Technically, it’s our first film festival for original works; Kult Klassics 1 and Kult Klassics 2 were screenings of classic films in the “cult” status.  For now, we’re planning a late January film festival (possibly early February).  We’re discussing the location (or multiple locales for this venture).  Here are some of the films set to be playing:

1. Over White Wine

2. Green Blood…Ouch!!!

3. Til Death To Us Part

and plenty more! How do I submit?  Simple!

1. Films needs to be mailed (as a DVD movie, not file) to:

        Zero Untitled FIlms/Productions

       C/o Michael Verderber

       347 E. Holloway

       Raymondville, TX 78580


2. FIlms can be be of any length (we prefer under an hour but exceptions will be made).  The only limitation to content is that the films cannot be pornographic and Zero Untitled has the right to deny any film access.

3. Deadline for films: February 11th (postmarked by).

More information will be announced shortly! Stay tuned.

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