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13º – The Political Climate of Freemasonry

Chances are, if you received a paper that sent you to this website, you witnessed Zero Untitled’s 3rd Happening entitled “13º – The Political Climate of Freemasonry”. This Happening went against many of the conventions of typical Happenings, replacing spontaneity with a political message. You will not find information on Freemasonry here, however, this website is devoted to the theatre company, Zero Untitled Films/Productions.

Conceived by Thuy Nguyen

Directed by Michael Verderber

Makeup – Felicia Morin

Additional Support – Rolando Rios

The Cast:

13 – Thuy Nguyen

33 – Allan Guzman

13 – Jeanpierre Heurtelou

33 – Chad Wallace

Winners of the 2009 Zuffy Awards!

Here are the winners of the 2009 ZUF Film Festival, held on February 18th!

Best Editing – Winter: Allegro Non Molto

Best Special Effects – Til Death Do Us Part

Best Sound – Over White Wine

Most Creative – Green Blood…Ouch!!!

Best Screenplay – Waiting for Helen

Best Cameo – Suzette White (Mimeumentary)

Best Supporting Actress – Melissa Anne Scott (Til Death Do Us Part)

Best Actor – O’Ryan White (Til Death Do Us Part)

Best Actress – Alicia Villarreal (Til Death Do Us Part)

Honorable Mention Music Video – Take 5 (dir. William Martwick)

Honorable Mention Film – Riviera: The First Hundred Years (dir. Carl Saltarelli)

Best Music Video – Lady In Red

Best Film – Waiting For Helen

Zuffy Awards Nominations!

Here’s the complete list of all nominated works:


Austin Smartt (Green Blood…Ouch!!!)

Heraclio Gonzalez, Jr. (Talent)

Oryan White (Til Death Do Us Part)

Michael Verderber (Mimeumentary)

James Taylor Maupin IV (Over White Wine)



Alicia Villarreal (Til Death Do Us Part)

Megan Saenz (Waiting For Helen)  
Megan Saenz (U Are Who You Are)
Aurelia Guzman (Mimeumentary)



Jason Brown (Green Blood…Ouch!!!)

Michael Verderber (Til Death Do Us Part)

William Martwick (Waiting For Helen)

Jeanpierre Heaurtelou (Waiting For Helen)



Melissa Anne Scott (Til Death Do Us Part)

Alicia Villareal (Til Death Do Us Part)



Kurt “Buck” Mann  (Mimeumentary)

Gabriel Ruiz  (Mimeumentary)

Suzette White (Mimeumentary)

O’Ryan White (Over White Wine)

Chad Wallace (Satan and the Hot Babes)

Michael Verderber (The Suicide Note)

William Martwick (Lady in Red)

Herc’s Typewriter (?) (Talent)



Megan Saenz (U Are Who U Are)

Michael Verderber (Over White Wine)

Heraclio Gonzalez, Jr. (Talent)

Carl Saltarelli (Riviera)

Heraclio Gonzalez, Jr.  (Waiting for Helen)

Brian Worrall (Squarsh!)

Rick Saenz (Til Death Do Us Part)

Jason Brown (Green Blood…Ouch!!!)



Take 5 – W. Martwick

Slipping – M. Verderber

Lady In Red – Gonzalez/Saenz

In Regards – M. Verderber



Til Death Do Us Part – R. Saenz

Mimeumentary – M. Verderber

Talent – H. Gonzalez, Jr.

Waiting For Helen – H. Gonzalez, Jr.



Til Death Do Us Part – R. Saenz

Waiting For Helen – H. Gonzalez, Jr.

Green Blood…Ouch!!! – J. Brown

Over White Wine – M. Verderber

Riviera: The First 100 Years – C. Saltarelli

Shadow of the Day – Z. Houston



Laughing Camera Guy (Green Blood…Ouch!!!)

Non-Contact Fighting (Green Blood…Ouch!!!)

Chad’s Hand (Satan and The Hot Babes)

Verderber’s bloody Hand (Til Death Do Us Part)

Car (Waiting For Helen)

“Starring” in Worrall’s (Tent to Fiesta)

David’s Tighty Whities (Over White Wine)



Til Death Do Us Part – R. Saenz

Mimeumentary – M. Verderber

U Are Who You Are – M. Saenz

Carpe Diem – B. Worrall

Waiting For Helen  – H. Gonzalez, Jr.



Over White Wine – M. Verderber

Slipping – M. Verderber

Til Death Do Us Part – R. Saenz

U Are Who You Are – M. Saenz

Take 5 – W. Martwick

Winter: Allegro Non Molto – B. Worrall

In Regards – M. Verderber

Tent to Fiesta – B. Worrall



Green Blood…Ouch!!! – J. Brown

Take 5 – W. Martwick

Mimeumentary – M. Verderber

U Are Who You Are – M. Saenz



Green Blood…Ouch!!! – J. Brown

Til Death Do Us Part – R. Saenz

Lady in Red – H. Gonzalez, Jr.


ZUF Film Festival!!!

The First Annual ZUF Film Festival is just around the corner so mark you calenders! The ZUF Film Festival will feature 19 original short films from all over the state of Texas.  It will be this Wednesday at the Blue Room in Kingsville at the Texas A&M campus starting at 6 pm.  FREE ADMISSION! 

Some of the films fixing to have their film festival premiere include Zero Untitled’s latest film, the film noir styled “Over White Wine”.  Here are a few more films:

Carpe Diem

Waiting for Helen

Til Death Do Us Part

Green Blood…Ouch!!!

Tent to Fiesta

and plenty more to come!  Come check it out for a guaranteed good time.  Stick around after the show for the Zuffy Award Ceremony.  The Zuffy Awards are voted on by a collection of local film/theatre enthusiasts.  No Zero Untitled staff member was allowed to vote for a Zero Untitled production.  Zero Untitled projects collected 17 nominations!

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