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Tentative Season Up

Hey Zero Untitled fans and theatre enthusiasts,

We’ve got a tentative schedule for our season in mind.  However, please keep in mind that due to director’s schedules, changes are inevitable and some other shows (like our Happening series) are not included on this list.  Please keep in mind that ZU has always relished in the element of surprise so shows will come and go according to necessity and schedule conflicts.  Here’s what we have so far (more shows on the way):

THE RUN AROUND by M. Verderber

     Dir. Chad Wallace / (Sept/Oct)


     Dir. Chad Wallace  / (Oct/Nov)


     Dir. ???  / (Dec)

HEART AND STOLE by M. Verderber, adapted to the stage by Gabriel Ruiz

     Dir. Gabriel Ruiz (tentatively)  /  (Feb)

MEDEA: CERBERUS by Euripides, adapted to the stage by M. Verderber

     Dir. ???   / (Mar/April)


Keep posted for any changes.

“Women Scorned” closes

Our brief run of “Women Scorned” has come to a close after our three scheduled performances.  We had a turn out of 56 people for the event.  A lower attendance figure than usual but considering that this was a summer production, the crowd’s are usually MUCH smaller. It was a lot of fun despite many trials and tribulations; this show has to be Zero Untitled’s most burdensome production to date.  Literally every one in the case was very ill at least once during the rehearsal process.  “Hemlock”, for example, went through a grad total of 2 directors and 5 actresses due to a never-ending list of scheduling conflicts.  In retrospect, these are humorous, albeit frustrating at that moment.

Zero Untitled’s Verderber will spend the rest of the summer working on various writing projects for future endeavors.

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