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“Twas the FLOP…” Cast list

After two days of hilarious auditions, our cast is officially up!

Rebecca – Stephanie Wright

Isaac – Allan Guzman

Erik – Aaron Martwick

Seth – Luiz Zaragosa

Denise – Kora Berryhill

Ruben – Nicholas Zaragosa

Ben – Luis Gonzalez

Marco – Barry Berryhill

Cheerleader #2 – Erica Enriquez

Cheerleader #3 – Kaitlyn Cotton

Steven – James Taylor Maupin IV

Tiffany – Carla Estrada

Mac – Caleb Bonitz

Cheryl – Ariel Erikson

Frank – Brian Worrall

Director – Michael Verderber

Co-Director/Stage Manager – Aaron Martwick

Backstage – Lourdes Huerta, Terry Huerta

“The Run Around” CANCELLED

Due to directorial dilemnas, “The Run Around” has been officially cancelled.  The director, Chad Wallace, has been transferred to another military unit over 230 miles away, thus unable to fulfill the directing duties.

Because Zero Untitled is continuing on with “Twas the FLOP Before Christmas”, the time constraints have become too great.  We regret to let the show go and we were unable to find another director to fill the slot, but the shows must go on.

Look for “Twas the FLOP Before Christmas” opening December 18-20 at the Lab Theatre on the TAMUK campus.

October/November Wrap

October and November turned out to be a busier month than anticipated!  In the middle of “The Run Around” rehearsals, we veered off to tackle two other projects – “Our Gift from Prometheus” and “Epitaph by Moonlight”.

“Our Gift from Prometheus” was our sequel to the fire-breathing spectacle “Surprise Flash Bang”.  It was performed at the Fall Carnival at Texas A&M – Kingsville (TAMUK) with the ska band One Pin Short accompanying the fire-breathing.  Barry Berryhill, Alan Guzman, Michael Verderber and Chad Wallace were the fire-breathing extraordinaires.

In collaboration with TAMUK’s Department of Art, Zero Untitled revived “Epitaph by Moonlight” for a one-time-only showing.  The play has previously appeared on the Texas A&M University – Commerce stage as well as TAMUK’s.  The play, which was performed at the Lab Theatre, drew a Sunday crowd of 24.  A decent turnout considering the holiday weekend and the show time.

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