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First Ultra short film, “Pilo, the Never Ending” premieres!

Zero Untitled’s 37th production has been unveiled!  This production is very unique for several reasons:

1. Our first film since 2009’s “Over White Wine

2. Filmed entirely in northern California

3. Used an all-Vietnamese cast & crew

4. Our first film in the “Ultra Short Films” series

5. Music by They Call Me Jessie

6. Zero Untitled’s first attempt at a B-movie style film

As you can see, we are very excited about this short flick.  Go to the “Pilo, the Never Ending” page, under “Productions” and check it out!

Upcoming ultra short film series

Zero Untitled is proud to announce our upcoming series of short-short films.  The films will, like “The Suicide Note”, be under 5 minutes.  As of right now, ZU is planning at least 3-4 ultra short films.  Our first has already been filmed and is heading to the can.

“Pilo, the Never Ending” is the first in the series.  It will star Kayden Nguyen, previously in “13: The Political Climate of Freemasonry.”  Because of the brief nature of the films, not much can be said about the films without giving too much of it away.  See the “Pilo, the Never Ending” for more info.

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