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“Into Hell” gets big turnout!

The “Divine Comedy” themed Zero Untitled and Gamerz Elite collaboration “Into Hell: A Trek Through Dante’s Inferno” proved to be a success on its one-night performance.  We had a crowd of well over 215+ people is attendance.

An hour into the performance, the line still had not decreased at all, so we had to bump up the “5 at a Time” to “8 at a time” just to accommodate the crowd.  About forty minutes into the performance, a local religious organization came to protest the performance.  Some even shouted at the people waiting in line to get in.  This is very ironic and hypocritical considering that Dante Alighieri wrote this text as a warning to Christians to NOT sin.

From our sources, some of the protesters went to the show and after realizing the positive message, began a prayer circle right outside of the building.

Wild stuff.

The crowd did not cease until sometime after midnight.  Please note, the show started at 8 pm!

As an actor, director, and theatre fan, I have worked on a lot of shows, and I have to say that I am probably most proud of this particular show.   Of the 33 people involved in the show, none of the actors had much experience.  95% of the cast, had never performed in a live theatre piece before.  The fact that students of all different backgrounds culminated together to put on this show, without a flaw, is outstanding.

I have never worked with a group so ambitious and excited about one project before.

The Official “Into Hell” Flyer

Here’s the design of the “Into Hell: A Trek Through Dante’s Inferno” flyer.  Design by Gamerz Elite member Maria Latigo.

A Trip Into Hell

Zero Untitled is proud to announce our next project, a collaboration with Texas A&M University – Kingsville’s club Gamerz Elite.
The project, called “Into Hell: A Trek Through Dante’s Inferno” will be a walking tour through the 9 rings of Hell, as outlined by Dante Alighieri’s “The Divine Comedy.” The club and company will be transforming the university hall, Sam Fore Hall, into the 9 rings of death, but with a contemporary twist.
Instead of merely watching people suffer in Hell, audience members will witness that actions that send people into Hell.
The show can best be described as a walking tour, haunted house, live art theatrical performance.
Performance is ONE DAY ONLY – February 25th at 8:00pm and there will be a $2 charge.

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