Our next project went officially underway last week (with rehearsals); the show is called “Anti-Gone Wrong: An Adaptation of an Adaptation of Adaptation of Sophocles’s Adaptation of Antigone” or just “Anti-Gone Wrong” for short.

The text, written by Barry Berryhill based on an idea by Michael Verderber, is a random goofball “speedy” version of the epic tragedy by Sophocles.  The original “Antigone” is based on the familial struggle between newly crowned ruler of Thebes, Creon, with his niece Antigone over whether they should give her brother (who happened to be a major threat to Thebes) a proper burial.

“Anti-Gone Wrong” is a street-theatre style play-within-a-play  featuring two bumbling actors trying their best (which is actually their worst) at staging “Antigone.”

Performance dates are June 28 and 29 at the Blue Room in Fore Hall at Texas A&M Univ- Kingsville.  FREE admission.  See the “Anti-Gone Wrong” page for more information.