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Tentative Schedule 2010-2011

A very tentative schedule for the next few Zero Untitled shows is ready for posting.  Please note that this schedule is VERY tentative in that production space has to be considered as well as scheduling conflicts.  The 2010-2011 season shall continue as follows:


zero-041     DJ Oringe – “Saltie” music video

zero-042     “The Unraveling” M. Verderber

zero-043     [untitled fire-breathing show]

zero-044    “Madness in Wonderland” Lewis Carroll/M. Verderber


zero-045     “A Life with No Joy In It”  David Mamet

                        “All the Beautiful Girls” David Gutierrez

zero-046     [untitled fire show #5]

zero-047     “The Taming of the Shrew” William Shakespeare

Zero Untitled working in Boston in July

Zero Untitled and long-time collaborator David Gutierrez (Bloodline GEMZ) are in Boston, MA for production meetings and the filming of the next production.  The 41st production will be another music video from DJ Oringe called “Saltie.” Lensing has already begun on this production.


Rachel: Lindsey Allen

Grim: David Gutierrez

Rob: Michael Verderber

Leslie: Sally Burgos

Director: Michael Verderber

Costume Design: Vivian Yee

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Zero Untitled Films/Productions is a theatrical group based in Kingsville, Texas, that produces unique experiences on stage, in film, and in other media. Zero Untitled’s goal is to let artists and audiences alike think outside the box.