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Se7en: A Firebreathing Showcase wrapped

ZU’s latest firebreathing venture, Se7en, was performed at the Fall Carnival on October 19, 2011.  The crew unveiled a new breather, Melissa “Cali” Nikirk, and longtime breather, Verderber successfully set his beard on fire!  Fun all around!


Firebreather #1 – Luis Zaragosa

Firebreather #2 – Melissa “Cali” Nikirk

Firebreather #3 – Michael Verderber

Latest “Relapse in Wonderland” teaser pics

Aaron Martwick, reprising his role as Matthew Hattha, aka Mad Hatter.


Michelle Honeycutt and Daron Briscoe reprising their roles as Griffin and Dr. E., respectively.

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