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Zero Untitled in Vegas!

Las Vegas was recently invaded by Harvey the Mime and Zero Untitled on Black Friday.  Harvey visited several Vegas hotspots such as the New York-New York Hotel, Treasure Island, Mandalay Bay amongst others.  See show page for more info.

Premature Punchline season (probably) finished

Premature Punchline had its final show for 2011, tentatively.  The final performance was at The Dusty Boot bar in Freer, Tx for PrePunch member Mark Pittman’s birthday party.  PrePunch will resume in January 2012 with a possible late December Christmas-themed show.  The comedy troupe is still available for bookings.  Here are some pics from the show.

Wonderland Ward shut down in “Relapse in Wonderland”



Backstage photo: A. Perez applying makeup to The Dead Writer, actor J. Bulin.

The fictitious Wonderland Ward was forever shut down with the close of “Relapse in Wonderland”, a sequel to last year’s successful “Madness in Wonderland”.  This year’s production had an attendance of over 200 who braved the 40-long wait in line.

Backstage photo: A. Salinas as The White Queen, R. Ferguson as The Red Queen and S. Saenz as Lily.

Here’s what some people had to say:

“The play was fantastic, I really did get scared throughout the entire show.” – Desiree L.

“My heart was racing…” – Ana G.

“I will not look at Alice or any of the Wonderland characters the same anymore.  It is crazy how you changed a friendly “Alice in Wonderland” story and turn it into some crazy, dark, psycho.” – Jesse D.



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Zero Untitled Films/Productions is a theatrical group based in Kingsville, Texas, that produces unique experiences on stage, in film, and in other media. Zero Untitled’s goal is to let artists and audiences alike think outside the box.