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A heartfelt thank you and happy New Year to all of our family, friends, actors, directors, cast, and crew!  Thanks to you, we had another record-setting attendance record year.  Our biggest success attendance-wise was “Relapse in Wonderland” which had a nightly attendance of rough 270+ folks braving the 40-minute long wait in line.  Similarly, Premature Punchline had over a dozen performances and had about 45 people attend each performance from July to December in Kingsville, Corpus Christi, South Padre Island, and Freer, TX.

But now is the time to look ahead to see what is up next!



“Textual Overture” will be a monthly series of play and monologue readings, poetry, experimental writing pieces, slam poetry, and even acoustic guitar jams at coffee shops in the Coastal Bend area.  For the first time, ZU is putting the audience in the performance spotlight.  Although much of “Textual…” will be scheduled, it will also contain an open-mic portion for any and all attendees to participate, read, or perform.


The madcap chaos that is PrePunch will continue monthly shows in Kingsville and Corpus in 2012.  Expect new games, more skits, and standup.




The first DISS was back in 2004 when ZU was first starting.  This year’s DISS will feature PrePunch’s Mark Pittman, Michael Mendez, Danny Cantu, and a slew of other standup comics. Coming mid-February.


“Remnant…” will be performance of 2-3 one act plays set for late March.


What happens when a depressed acoustic musician gets dumped by his girl (who leaves him for another girl)? Find out in April!


This is just a tentative list of what is in store.  There might be another happening (we can’t announce those), fire-breathing shows, and international performances!  Keep a close eye!

Successful Holiday show





PrePunch’s first ever Holiday show was a huge success, breaking any previous Corpus attendance records by two-fold.  There was standing room only and, unfortunately, many folks left because they could not fit in the space!  For those who missed the show, we’ll be performing in Corpus Christi in the next few months, so stay tuned.

PrePunch premieres “Holiday Extravaganza”!

If you are sick of the holiday hoo-haw, then do NOT come to our Holiday-themed extravaganza show!  On December 30th at the Tango Tea Room in Corpus Christi, Premature Punchline will be having a holiday-themed show full of standup, skits, and improv games.  Some of the major holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s will be the topic of the show.

This show will be FREE so bring the family for some holiday fun!

PrePunch’s Holiday Extravaganza

Tango Tea Room, 505 South Water Street

Corpus Christi

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