The forthcoming ZU show, “Textual Overture” is currently underway. 

Pictured is newcomer Felix Cruz III, Danny Cantu (“The Rape of Lucrece”, PrePunch), and Caleb Bonitz (“…Wonderland” series, “Twas the FLOP…”) rehearsing a scene for the comedy “Flight 1862.” This play will be for the March “T.O.” performance.

Rehearsal for another short piece, “GPS” starring Josh Cavazos (Mamet’s “A Life with No Joy In It”, “Relapse…”) and Ashley Hernandez (“Relapse…”) has also begun and will premiere in February.


“Textual Overture” dates have been announced: February 28 at Cafe 5 and March 31 at Blue Ribbon Cafe (both venues in Kingsville).