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Mimes keep happening…

Another Zero Untitled happening broke out at the Desert Days & Nights Flying Festival in downtown Kingsville, TX.   “Forward MIMEntum”, the latest mime extravaganza and our 59th production was performed on April 14 from 3:00-5:30.

A video mini-documentary is in the works and should be posted  very soon, so keep a look out!

The featured mimes (from left to right) were:

Tawd – Luis Zaragosa

Archie – Julio Martinez

Woody – Danny Cantu

Wren – Katherine Orozco

Harvey – Michael Verderber

Roxi – Samantha Garcia

Final Premature Punchline show until June

PrePunch will be taking a one-month hiatus following tonight’s performance in the Blue Room.  Last night’s performance included Luis Zaragosa, Debbie Gerd, Nicholas Zaragosa, Danny Cantu, Evy Alaniz, Josh Cavazos, Heraclio Gonzalez, Caleb Bonitz, Mark Pittman, Cosmo Venegas, and Michael Verderber.


 PrePunch will be returning in June for shows in Kingsville and in Corpus Christi.  Look out for upcoming shows and new venues!

“Textual” Two, done

The second performance of “Textual Overture”, complete with all new works, songs, poems, and pieces concluded this weekend at a new venue to Zero Untitled, the cafe Blue Ribbon. With about a dozen performers reading new and unpublished work, to the spattering of published pieces read, and episodic play performance,  the performance was a success and brought in a slightly larger crowd than the last performance.


 Next performance scheduled for April 18th, venue pending.


 Pictured: Debbie Gerd in “The Call of Ex”

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