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Replanting the “Flowers…”

Zero Untitled’s 2004 production “Flowers in the Fall” (ZERO-006) will be getting revived for a joint production (and mini-Textual Overture) with the organization The Poetry Cafe of Kingsville.  Performance is scheduled for September 28 at the RailRoad Gazebo in Kingsville.

Rehearsals have already begun and feature a cast of several T.O. usuals. Rehearsal pictures coming soon.

ANGELINA – Beth Cantu (“All the World’s a Stage”, “Relapse…”)

PEDRO – Dylan Ochoa

RAUL – Felix Cruz III (“Flight 1826”, “Violin”) 

TERESA – Olivia Del Bosque (“Wandering Blvd”, “Forest”)

YOUNG TERESA – Jasmin Resendez


DIRECTOR – Jacob Elizalde (“Heart and Stole”, “Into Hell”)

STAGE MANAGER – Rebekah Ramos (“Acoustical”, PrePunch)

CREW – Ryan Snodgrass, Jasmin Resendez


“Nightmare of Oz” auditions


The forthcoming NIGHTMARE OF OZ will have its first round of auditions on WEDNESDAY, September 12, at 5:30 in room 102 in Fore Hall. Auditions end at 8:00. Be prepared for a cold reading from the text. Compared to the last 3 years, NIGHTMARE… will be a linear story and not an improvised horror show. There will be lines that must be followed and there is little room for improvisation.
The following characters will be read, but that does not mean those are the only roles we are casting.
GOOD COP – (Lead) Akin to the Following Nurse, but has many lines.
BAD COP – (Lead) Akin to the Tour Guide, but is the central-most character
TIN MAN – (supporting) a mechanic; Quick to anger, and very shifty

SCARECROW – (supporting) a preacher; Educated, evasive, and proper
COWARDLY LION – (supporting) an asylum inmate; calm and sinister
OZ – (minor) politician; pompous and influential
BOQ – (supporting) confidential informant; authoritative and aggressive
The second round will be announced soon.

Fish and Giggles

Last night’s production of Premature Punchline’s “Fish and Giggles” (and our 63rd production) went off without a hitch. Well, maybe a few comic hitches.  New to the cast and crew of PrePunch was Rolando Rios, who previously appeared in “Into Hell”, and Rebekah Ramos, who previously appeared in “Relapse in Wonderland”.  Making his acting debut for PrePunch was writer Julio Martinez who played the role of Professor Caffeine in the skit “True College Learning”.

From left to right: Aaron Salinas, Rolando Rios, Joshua Cavazos, Andrew Frimpong (on bottom), and Nicholas Zaragosa during the game “Penalty Hat”.

Next up on the ZU schedule is the editing for the film “Unheard”, which was filmed in the summer in Austin, TX.  And in addition to that, the next mainstage production “Nightmare of Oz”.  Look for those soon.

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