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X does not mark the spot.

Michael Verderber’s last firebreathing show (the tenth show was simply called “X”) ended up having an interesting twist in terms of being “last”.  Roughly 4 minutes into the performance, the group was shut down due to safety reasons.

According to Verderber and Luis Zaragosa (the other firebreather), the wind was problematic, the crowd was too close, miscommunication with university officials, and Luis’s fire stick kept extinguishing itself.

“Safety is a big issue with the fire shows.  The university officials thought it best to shut it down, which I’ll concede was the right choice to make.  It’s their event, we have to do what they say and if it makes the event safer for people, all the better,” stated Verderber.

Below is a link to a video uploaded to youtube that shows the brief performance.  Thanks to Anissa Medina for the video.


The Rules of Emerald City

Here is our second “Nightmare of OZ” trailer, called “The Rules of Emerald City”. Warning: adult language.

Nightmare of Oz – Rules of Emerald City

[jwplayer mediaid=”1937″]


Tenth time is a charm!

Been waiting for a chance to see some firebreathing?  Wait no more.  “X: A FireBreathing Showcase” will be Zero Untitled’s tenth firebreathing performance!  Come watch the action tonight at 9 pm at Texas A&M Univ – Kingsville’s annual Fall Festival.  This is a FREE event.

The official “OZ” flyer

The official flyer, designed by Evan Cordova (who will play the Scarecrow).


“Nightmare of Oz” photo stills

D. Briscoe as “Tim Mann” in “Nightmare of Oz”



“Nightmare” still of Det. Gates and Dorothy (J. Cavazos & O. Del Bosque, resp). Photo courtesy of Tracey Hernandez.

First official trailer for “Nightmare of OZ”

Enjoy!  A second teaser is on the way, too.  Check back in a few days!

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