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From Passion to Page: Week Two on Tuesday

Last week’s performances in “From Passion to Page” receive a follow-up (of sorts).  Last week ZU produced 4 student-written plays and another bonus play.  This week (Nov 20th), the next batch of plays will be produced legitmately and some as stage readings on at the Tango Tea Room at 6:00!

 “From Passion to Page: Week Two” will feature several new plays:

 “The Thin Divide” by Joshua Cavazos

 “Too Young to Die” by Amanda Rivera

 “No Regrets” by Mark Pittman

 “The Bachelorette Party” and three others!

Come out and see the show.  Only a $1 admission!

From Passion to Page opens on Tuesday!

ZU’s 66th production, From Passion to Page, premieres on Tuesday, November 13th in the Blue Room (their usual performance space). The production will be a two-part production unveiling 4 new developmental works from fledgling playwrights and one additional play written and directed by ZU Creative Director Michael Verderber. Plays unveiling the first week (Nov 13th) will be the following:

Pot and Kettle by Delilah Gonzalez

The Game of Fortune by Julio Martinez

An Early Mourning by Lauren Hernandez

Only Slightly Mad by Charles Lillie

Cooookie! by Michael Verderber

The second week of plays is still in the rehearsal process.  These plays will be stage readings and “selective” stagings (meaning scripts in-hand with some blocking).  Currently, only a few of the plays have been officialized for production, including:

The Thin Divide by Joshua Cavazos

Too Young To Die by Amanda Rivera

Scared by Stephen Clark

The Bachelorette Party by Regina Avila

It’s Not Very Effective… by Miguel “Cosmo” Venegas

Keep posted on the website for more information.

The fourth Dark Tour, “Nightmare of Oz”, concludes

The flashback scene with the Ghosts. Clockwise from top left: Luis Zaragosa as Ghost Cowell, Julio Martinez as Cowell Lyons, Baron Kiespert as Ghost Oz, Antone Verastegui as Ghost Crowe, and Olivia De Bosque as Dorothy.

With an attendance in the upper 200’s, “Nightmare of Oz” concluded after the two scheduled performances.  Both shows lasted over 5 hours (each night).  Monday’s opening performance ran from 8 pm until 1:35 am.  Tuesday’s performance ran from 8 pm to 2:27 am. 

Despite some trepidation about the show (it was a departure from the horror-driven roots of “Into Hell” and the “…Wonderland” series), the show was a huge success.  “Nightmare…” was far more murder-mystery than horror, although some scares and gore were evident.

“On Tuesday night, the crowd just kept coming.  It was almost impossible to keep up,” said playwright Katherine Orozco, “Every hour or so, I’d take a peak out the window to take a look at the waiting audience and the line never seemed to get shorter.  I saw people get right back in line to see it again.”

That feat is better understood due to the wait in line.  The average wait for the audience was roughly two hours. 

“To think that people waited two hours in line, just to get back in line and wait for another two hours is a testament to the fun of the show, “said Orozco, who also played one of the “bad cops” Detective Linda Wolffe.

Seated clockwise from top left: Stephen Clark and Vince Chavez as the Henchmen, Chelsea Tovar as the Secretary, Samantha Garcia as Ava Westfield (Wicked Witch), and center is CJ Lillie, playing Sherwood “OZ” Payes.

“Seeing the people’s faces made the issue of time irrelevant.  The length of time seemed to pass by quickly once you saw the audience’s intrigue and fright,” said Baron Kiespert, who played the role of Ghost Oz.

Julio Martinez, who played the role of Cowell Lyons, stated, “It was definitely an interesting trip to adapt a children’s story into an adult-driven murder mystery that was still somewhat scary.”

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