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Premature Punchline Summer Tour 2013

Here is Premature Punchline’s 2013 tentative tour schedule.  Some dates and times are subject to change. Please note that there have been some very recent changes to the tour schedule!

prePunch GATO Con rehearsal


May 31 – Tango Tea Room, Corpus Christi, 8:00

June 20 – Blue Room, Kingsville, 7:00

June 22 – Pokemon Festival, McAllen, Time TBA Canceled

July 5 – Tango Tea Room, Corpus Christi, 8:00

July 27 – OMNIcon, McAllen, Time TBA

August 2 – Tango Tea Room, Corpus Christi, 8:00


Post-“Glass” and the future

Now that “A Glass Veil” has closed, what becomes of ZU’s project line up?  Well, plenty actually!  ZU plans to take a week-long break from rehearsals, pre-pro, and any other related work to give the cast and crew a chance to prioritize with other endeavors.

Upon our return, we have a huge summer ahead of us.  Two huge projects are being juggled at once: Shakespeare on Air and Annabelle’s Day OutSoA will be the radio-play recordings of William Shakespeare’s Othello and The Merchant of Venice.  The project is under the direction of C.J. Lillie (The Rorshach Test, Only Slightly Mad, etc) with assistance from Michael Verderber.  The project’s intention is to create downloadable recordings of the plays for educational purposes.  It should take roughly 1 1/2 months to rehearse and record each play.

Annabelle’s Day Out is a filmed spin off of the very successful Cooookie! play performed at the end of 2012.  An episodic web series, the series will follow the misadventures of Annabelle, the rambunctiously idiotic child fixated on cookies and giving trouble to the baby sitter(s).  At press, four brand new episodes have been ordered, two have already been written, and the play Cooookie! will be broken up into three episodes for a total of seven, released monthly starting in late summer.

Inevitably, Premature Punchline will be having sporadically scheduled shows in Kingsville and Corpus Christi as well.

Until then, we rest!

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