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“Divided by Zero” interview series #2: Joshua “Beta” McCaulley

“Divided by Zero” is a brand new interview series, both traditional interview and video interview getting you into the head and heart of the ZU family.  “Divided…” will feature five sporadically posted interviews featuring veteran members and members new to the ZU family.  Our second interview in the series features Joshua “Beta” McCaulley, a newbie to ZU.  McCaulley is a comic, musician, and actor who has performed in roughly 5 productions with the company.

Divided by Zero – Joshua “Beta” McCaulley

beta 01

 (McCaulley performing “Inviting a Friend to Supper” as part of the Textual Overture Series at Cafe 5)

How long have you been involved with Zero Untitled and what was your first production?

I have been involved with Zero for around 6 months now and I hope I don’t have to stop. My first production was the mortician Dr. John Eura in “Nightmare of Oz”.


What is your best memory of any ZU production?

When I recited “Inviting a friend to supper” by Ben Jonson


What kind of future project would you like to dabble in?

Shakespearean radio plays, or radio theater in general. And maybe even some film projects.


If you can play any role in any show for ZU, what would it be?

The villain, the “nice guy” persona comes to me naturally, and I would like to be dealt something that is, in a nut shell, different, maybe even opposite.

 beta 02

 (Performing in the short play “House Party Mix Up” as part of  the “Fish and Giggles” show: A. Medina, McCaulley, L. Zaragosa, R. Watkins, C. Bonitz)

Any characters from film or theatre that you’d like to play?

Leopold Bloom for Mel Brooks’ The Producers (He reminds me of a younger me), Benvolio from William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, and Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors.

What do you expect from the audiences of ZU shows?

Integration, I like it when there is feedback between actors and audiences. In “Play-giarism”, I would walk up to a random audience member and make them laugh. Good times.


So, you like the audiences’ reactions to graphic stuff that Zero does in productions?

In general, yes I do. The only way the actors can really get a kick out of what they do, is if the audience gets a kick out of watching the actors do their thing.


How would you coerce someone that is not a theatre fan to come see a ZU show?

I would pull the friend card (laughs) I would say “Come support me with what I do” and then hope they show up.

ZU often does nontraditional theatre, so how do you suppose that can bring an audience into the world of theatre?

I would say that is entirely up to the show.

 beta 03

 (Performing in a Premature Punchline skit at GATOcon)

How so?

I can’t just say “we got fresh cookies, come to the show.” Hopefully, coming to the show will ignite something in them that will get them to do “research”, so to speak.

There are a lot of new people in the productions. What would you tell people that are new to ZU?

I would welcome them in with open arms. I would also tell them that working with ZU is their choice, if they don’t want to do it, that’s fine, but if they want to commit, I will assure them they will not regret their decision.

So, say I’m brand new to ZU and I wanted to be in Premature Punchline, how would you train me?

Like Mick would train Rocky but seriously, we would probably get together sometime and come up with a scenario and go from there, and also watch a lot of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”. A “monkey see, monkey do” approach if you will.

 beta 04

 (Improv game at GATOcon, alongside D. Gerd, R. Lopez, and J. Luna)

Since you are starting to develop stand up material, what topics are you looking into? And how will that differ from what other comedians are doing?

Some topics I’ve been looking into are my personal likes and dislikes, myself, and (with permission) borrowing some of my friends’ mishaps and misadventures. Most comedians have been travelling, or had dysfunctional family, or even they were just griping about the world around them. I have just used what was in my personal arsenal to the best of my ability. I have also started to delve into my own pool of general knowledge (i.e. MMPR trivia, history of donuts, etc.)

Any final statements?

Would you like fries with that?

 beta 05

 (A dramatic role in “Game of Fortune”, as part of last year’s “From Passion to Page” show).  


Some rehearsal pics for “The Merchant of Venice”

MoV - sound testFirst sound test rehearsal: Olivia Del Bosque filling in with Luis Zaragosa playing Launcelot.   

MoV - lu, cj, julZaragosa, C.J. Lillie as Shylock, and Julio Martinez as Solanio.




Rehearsing with the threat of cupcakes: Melissa Saenz and Zaragosa discuss a scene while Rick Saenz (Gratiano) and Lillie work on a scene.

MoV - cupcakes

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