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“From Passion” wrapped

Our collaborative effort with Texas A&M Univ – Kingsville’s Department of Language & Literature was a success! We had a packed house on both performance nights (Nov 22 and Nov 26).  The page is up with some pictures, but here are a few that aren’t on the page:

IMAG1565 IMAG1580 IMAG1583

(Top image: A. Salinas, A. Medina, J. Cavazos in “Coach of the Year”

Middle: C. Lillie, M. Ramos, J. McCaulley in “Shrink”

Bottom: M. Verderber and E. Fernandez in “The Brothers Complex”)



Mime-nificent Seven hit downtown again

mime Trey

 (pictured “Stretch” the Mime goofing around with ZU crew member Joshua “Beta” McCaulley.)

Despite the 40 degree temperature, our resident mime troupe “Forward MIMEntum” performed in semi-cowboy regalia as part of the Kingsville Ranchhand Festival on November 23 in downtown Kingsville. 

The show name, “MIME-nificent Seven” spoofs the classic western film of similar name.  The troupe performed in two-hour shifts from noon until 4:30.  More pictures coming soon!

 Mime-nificent Seven makeup (pictured mimes: Harvey, Archie, Tawd, Katy without makeup, Jean, and Stretch (below))Mime article

“From Passion 2013” picked up by TAMUK Dept. of Language and Literature

Last year’s production, “From Passion to Page”, was a short two-day festival of plays written by novice playwrights in collaboration with Texas A&M University – Kingsville’s ENGL 3300 Playwriting course.  Due to the connection to the university, the college has requested that this year’s festival, “From Passion 2013”  be under the helm of the Department of Language and Literature.

Respecting their request, ZU will not lead this project.  However, our actors, directors, and crew will still be assisting in any way possible.  The eleven short, ten-minute plays have already begun rehearsal. ZU will still help advertise and promote the production, premiering November 22nd and 26th.  Pictures coming soon.

Shrink reh (pictured: Director C.J. Lillie offering insight to actor Mario Ramos for the play “Shrink”)

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