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“Causa Mortis” photo shoots

Photographer and makeup artist Beth Marie Cantu putting makeup on Katherine Orozco during the first photo shoot.

Photographer and makeup artist Beth Marie Cantu putting makeup on Katherine Orozco during the first photo shoot.

Here are just a few behind-the-scenes shots of our two “Causa Mortis” photo shoots.


Slightly blurred photo of model Katherine Orozco readying herself for a photo.

Slightly blurred photo of model Katherine Orozco readying herself for a photo.

Almost finalized selections for “Causa Mortis”

Congratulations to the following playwrights!  The following plays have made it through the first round of acceptance for the “Causa Mortis” production.

  • “W-I-S-H” by Beth Marie Cantu
  • “Those Present at the Time of My Death” by Kim Hardin
  • “Oxidized Coal” by Katherine Orozco
  • “Did I Miss Something Big?” by Emanuel Ibanez
  • “The Burning of Mary” by Julio Martinez
  • “A Girl and Her Monster” by Andrea Martinez
  • “Causa Mortis” by Lesley Guerra
  • “Rear View” by Katherine Orozco
  • “I’ll See You At Heaven’s Gate”by Julio Martinez

However, one or two scripts may be cut, pending tonight’s auditions and availability of actors. Final Official Selections will be made in the next few days.

Thanks to all who submitted as our decision was difficult to make.  Our Call for Submissions was very specific, so if your play was not selected, consider submitting another work for other theatrical avenues.

Auditioning for Death…

Causa reaper(image courtesy of Alpha Coders)

Next up on the ZU calendar is the audition for “Causa Mortis” – a project created by Katherine Orozco.  A showcase of monologues, the short plays will be performed by the speaker and the events will be acted out by a chorus in the background.

Essentially, character narrate the events leading up to their unfortunate demise.  Development of these works will possibly lead to short film productions of select pieces.

Directing the project will be Textual Overture director Julio Martinez (“There’s a Hotel at the End,” “A Little Tied Up,” etc) and Michael Verderber (“Message,” “Stranger in a Stranger Land,” etc).

Auditions will be on Thursday, January 22 at 7:00 in Sam Fore Hall on the campus of Texas A&M University – Kingsville.

“Message” about our first production of 2015

Our first production of 2015 has officially snuck out. Watch our third poetry video for Octavio Quintanilla’s poem “Message” on YouTube. The video dabbles with blurring techniques that underscore the blurring of reality and memory.  It might take a few views to “get” it. So please enjoy!

Watch here:

or Here on some players:

[jwplayer mediaid=”3189″]

2014 Year In Review

ZU Xmas partry

Zero Untitled’s 2014 was full of firsts and visits from the recent past. From travelling to St. Louis to performing at the largest Shakespeare festival in the country to reopening the Wonderland Ward, Zero Untitled had a busy year:


January to February – The beginning of the year was the season of Premature Punchline, with performances ranging from Kingsville to Corpus Christi. February brought the annual gaming and otaku convention GATO-Con, where Premature Punchline fills the house. February also introduced the first Textual Overture of 2014, including Zero Untitled’s first ever jazz musician.


March to April – Premature Punchline was still going strong in March, performing multiple times at the comedy club Chuckles in downtown Corpus Christi. Zero Untitled’s fifth Dark Tour, “The Factory,” sent sickeningly sweet shivers down the spines of many while certain members of Zero were preparing feverishly for the performance of “The Rape of Lucrece” in April at Shake38, the largest Shakespeare festival in the United States. But before the crew could race off to Missouri, Textual Overture had one more performance.


May to June – May was the month of the Happenings, where Creative Director Michael Verderber introduced a class to teach the members of Zero Untitled exactly what a Happening was and how to perform one. After planning the rest of the 2014 year, Zero Untitled embarked on the journey of the Happening, beginning first with an online show where the virtual audience called the shots, called “Mindless Men,” and wrapping up June with another Textual Overture performance.

The Mindless Men at Tango


July to August – July was the season of Corpus Christi 7-Day Film Project, and “Catchweight” was born, production lasting into the middle of the month while “Dual Sex,” another Happening about rape culture, was performed twice. August brought two Los Angeles premieres of Zero Untitled shows, “From Inside,” and “GPS: Gender’s Problematic Situation.” Zero also went behind the camera for poetry videos, where “Café Triste,”  and “Mal de Ojo” were born. At the tail end of the month, “’Twas the Flop Before Christmas” (staged a few years ago) was published.


September to October – September brought a short film festival, where short films such as “Mal de Ojo,” “Café Triste,” and “Catchweight” premiered. In October, Zero Untitled produced its New Foundations Theatre Festival, a collection of one act plays that centered almost exclusively around new actors to the company. “Consequences,” previously performed at Textual Overture, was published online on Dialogual’s website, and another Textual Overture was performed.

the guys backstage


November to December – November brought back that which was only temporarily gone: Wonderland Ward. First, “The Secrets of Wonderland Ward” reminded audiences exactly what the previous Wonderland shows brought: madness and bedlam, and the whole Dark Tour, “The Wonderland Massacre” premiered only shortly after that. December introduced a first for Textual Overture: the first holiday-themed performance. “Unconditional” and “Ghosts,” two previous Textual Overture pieces, were published and Zero wrapped the year with Octavio Quintanilla’s third poetry video, “Messages” going into production. See that video below in the previous post.

(Photos: TOP, ZU Christmas Party; MID, “The Mindless Men” performance in Corpus Christi; Bottom, back stage antics during the New Foundations Festival)  

Third poetry video sends a “Message”

Message - Behind the Scenes

The third in the series of poetry videos for San Antonio poet Octavio Quintanilla, “Message” premiered live online just a few days ago.  The video is officially viewable now.  Just go to this page and follow the instructions:


The video is the first Zero Untitled production of 2015. More information is on the official page (also click on the link).

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