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Premature Punchline performance in OmniCon

OmniCon pika Villains

Our resident comedy troupe, Premature Punchline, just wrapped a performance up in McAllen at the annual OmniCon comic book and anime convention. The performance was on Friday June 26th at 8:00. A live performance video and pictures will be posted soon.

Watch the fan-filmed Youtube video here. You might need to refresh the page if you get a green screen.:


OmniCon crowd


Dark Tour now viewable!

Missed out on our Dark Tour last month? Well you can watch the show unfold the way it did for the audience on YouTube! Watch it here:


This is a rough edit of a run of the show. It is not designed to look like a legitimate film, but to feel like an audience’s experience ala “found footage” style. Enjoy!

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