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And then there was… another show


Agatha Christie’s play “And Then There Were None” will have two performances. The first at TAMU-Kingsville and the second coming up at the Elks Lodge in Kingsville.

Performance will be on September 29 at 7:00. Admission only $2.

Mature audiences only.

Central American production in a “Tiny Forest”

alexanderOur latest production, number 105, was released on our Youtube account. The poetry video for “Tiny Forest” was filmed in remote sections of Honduras, Mexico, and in Texas, too. We shall post the link here soon. In the meantime, checkout our Youtube page!

Written and starring Katherine Orozco-Verderber

Narration by Andrea Lorin

Sound Engineering and Score by Robert Trujillo

Editing and Direction By Michael Verderber

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Zero Untitled Films/Productions is a theatrical group based in Kingsville, Texas, that produces unique experiences on stage, in film, and in other media. Zero Untitled’s goal is to let artists and audiences alike think outside the box.