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“Empathy A Mom Blog” our first radio play!


Zero Untitled is diving into new territory with our first ever audio-play “Empathy a Mom Blog”! Listen to it here on YouTube:

We want new blood!

dt-audisOur flyer for upcoming auditions for TWO Dark Tours. Titles have been withheld at the moment, but both plays have been written and chosen. Find out more soon.

Facebook Event page:

Our latest project… “Tiny Forest”

Here is our latest film endeavor – a poetry video featuring the music of Robert Trujillo, narration of Andrea Lorin, and the acting and words of Katherine Orozco-Verderber! Watch it here:

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About Zero Untitled

Zero Untitled Films/Productions is a theatrical group based in Kingsville, Texas, that produces unique experiences on stage, in film, and in other media. Zero Untitled’s goal is to let artists and audiences alike think outside the box.