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Zero Untitled – NYC’s third production is complete!

3ht 3ht kte “Three Hour Theatre” is our annual play-writing festival that was staged in Brooklyn, NY this year, in collaboration with our new branch Zero Untitled – NYC and the host venue The Way Station. Production took place on Monday, September 25, 2017.

Program director is Anel Carmona, who previously directed “Unending Repetition” (Manhattan Repertory Theatre and Zero Untitled – NYC).

Like last year’s production, “Three Hour Theatre” will be all about playwrights writing short plays for one hour, then directors rehearse actors for an hour, and then the plays are all performed back-to-back-to-back!

Both new and established ZU-NYC actors were Kate Remelius (formerly of the Texas branch), newcomers Stephen Tan and Jacob Edwards. The director of the two plays was another newcomer Seth Roseman. The third play did not have a director and the allotted time ran out.


Textual Overture #18 in review!

R. Trujillo collecting quotes for PrePunch's performance.

R. Trujillo collecting quotes for PrePunch’s performance.


Performance of "A Devil's Haven"

Performance of “The Devil’s Haven”

The latest edition of Textual Overture has wrapped up an eclectic performance on Thursday, September 21 at Cafe 5 in Kingsville, TX.

Among the performances were new theatre pieces written by Julio Martinez and Michael Verderber.

Martinez’s called “The Devil’s Haven” was a sound-and-text based work that featured performances by Martinez, Josue Villarreal,  Tristan Wolfe, Angelina Rios, Kylie McIntosh, and Annette Otero Otero.

Verderber’s play, a silly golf comedy called “Dogleg” starred Amy Ziyad, Matthew Krug, and Vanessa Guerra with a cameo by Verderber.

The artwork (in form of print) of Mary Maliha was introduced by Katherine Orozco-Verderber. Poetry and open mic performances featured Allison Wonderland, Josue Villarreal, Robert Trujillo, Kylie McIntosh, and others.

The art table for Mary Maliha.

The art table for Mary Maliha.


"Dogleg" with (l-r) Vanessa G, Matthew K, and Amy Z.

“Dogleg” with (l-r) Vanessa G, Matthew K, and Amy Z.

A couple of pics of Ashley Kristeen Vega in “Unending Repetition”

In collaboration with the Manhattan Repertory Theatre and Zero Untitled – NYC, here are a pair of pics from their rehearsal of the show!

The cycle repeats tonight and tomorrow night!

VEGA as Orion

VEGA as Orion

"Unending Repetition" by Zero Untitled - NYC and Manhattan Repertory Theatre.

“Unending Repetition” by Zero Untitled – NYC and Manhattan Repertory Theatre.

This week’s events!

New Works Series2-1PP Sept 14 We have auditions TONIGHT at 7:00 for a slew of upcoming projects and a slew projects happening, both here and with Zero Untitled NYC. Quick glance:

September 12 – Auditions (info posted on Facebook)

September 14 – Premature Punchline @ Comics Live Downtown, Corpus Christi, TX

September 15 – “Unending Repetition” @ Manhattan Repertory Theatre, ZU-NYC

September 16 – “Unending Repetition” @ Manhattan Repertory Theatre, ZU-NYC

September 21 – “Textual Overture” @ Cafe 5 – Kingsville, Texas mary head

TO Sept 2017

A couple of “Dramatica” pics

received_1552357528155666received_1552379678153451 Pictured are improvisational drama performances by Kaitlyn with newcomer Marcus, and newbie Kylie with Poodle.

These performances were 100% improvised dramatic performances utilizing audience suggestions.

Designed by Talor Appel, here is the official flyer for this week’s “Dramatica” show! This production will be starring YOU, the audience and a handful of actors. This will be production number 113!


“Rising Rains” anthology coming soon

rising-rains-cover_2 Zero Untitled Productions and Bards Against Hunger have banded together to create an anthology of poetry called “Rising Rains” to help benefit victims of Hurricane Harvey. Poetry (no plays, sorry) can currently be submitted to the following site. Although Texas poets take initial priority, all poets are welcome to submit.

Submit here:

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