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New teaser and image for “Three Cells”

three pris Here is the new image for “Three Cells”. The image features (from left to right) Katherine Orozco-Verderber, Andrea Lorin, and Ava Lauren Garza.

The teaser trailer is also available to view here:

What you missed on “The Day After”

Julio doing a song and dance.

Julio doing a song and dance.

For those who missed on on the recent “The Day After” themed Textual Overture, here was the set list and Open Mic acts that performed. It was a great night of plays, music, improv comedy, poetry, improv drama, weirdness, and even dance!


Textual Overture – THE DAY AFTER – February 16th, 2018

Kylie McIntosh – “Elevator” (poem)

Premature Punchline – Penalty Hat, Round 1

Ava Garza “Dream a Little Dream of Me” (song)

Dramatica – Josue “Zeta” Villarreal vs. David Earley

JulioMartinez “The Faces of Love” (poem)

TO Poo OPEN MIC: Robert “Poodle” Trujillo “Shakespeare Song”

Josue “Zeta” Villarreal “The Next Day” (poem)

Premature Punchline – Penalty Hat, Round 2

Julio Martinez “The Bigger the Figure” (song and dance)

Kylie McIntosh – “Balloons on the Ceiling” (poem)

OPEN MIC: Michael Verderber “Re—” (poem)

OPEN MIC: Katherine Orozco-Verderber “Burn” (song)

Dramatica – Andrea Lorin versus Kylie McIntosh

Josue “Zeta” Villarreal “Open Up” (poem)

Kylie McIntosh – “Horse Race” (poem)

to ava OPEN MIC: Robert “Poodle” Trujillo “Serious Love Poem”

OPEN MIC: Andrea Lorin “I Don’t Like You Either” (song)

Michael Verderber “Lonely, One and Only” (song)

Premature Punchline – Penalty Hat, Round 3

“A Dave with Destiny” (play) by Ken Preuss (dir. Josue Villarreal)

Dave w Destiny

February Happenings!

Looks like we have another busy month! Here is a list and dates of things occurring with Zero Untitled and our many branches!

Day after - Valentine's TO


  • February 8th @ Comics Live Downtown 8:00 – 9:00 Premature Punchline
  • February 15th @ Cafe 5 – 7:00 – 9:00 Textual Overture’s “The Day After”
  • Ongoing – Rehearsals for “Three Cells” in Texas are underway
  • Ongoing – Rehearsals for “Dream or Nightmare” in NYC are underway / Zero Untitled – NYC


  • March 15th – 16 @ TBA Art Gallery – 7:00 “Dream or Nightmare” / Zero Untitled – NYC


Voting is STILL happening for the Josephine Foundation awards, so please vote for Rose Gutierrez OR Katherine Orozco-Verderber! Scroll down this page for more info.

And check out our latest poetry video, Sonnet 50, featuring Gabriel Ruiz and Robert Trujillo! See it here:


Dream or Nightmare teaser

Dream or Nightmare teaser

Two flyers for “Three Cells”

Three Unwittingly Three Wired Wrong Here are the two variant flyers promoting the forthcoming dystopian drama “Three Cells”!

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