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“Wanted: Dead or A Mime!” invades Kingsville…again

Don’t those pesky mimes know when to quit? Probably not seeing as how they never TELL us why they do what they do! …wait…

More info here: Wanted 04

“Carnivale Night” is wrapped until next time

Pollocks Process 01

Zero Untitled’s 90th production “Carnival Night” had its one-day run! The event which was held at Youga Yoga was a collection of short works both new and old. The night featured three events:

“Pollock’s Process” – a body art piece directed and conceived by Katherine Orozco. Her piece is a body painting exercise used to embody the fluidity of the creative process by having multiple artists paint one persons canvas.

“The Mindless Men” – a revisited piece last staged twice last year. This is a pseudo online and live piece. The actors (or Mindless Men) await commands that are given ala improvisationally. The audience livestreamed from YouTube and posted commands on Facebook.

MIMES! – As it often does, the Zero Untitled mimes ran around downtown Corpus Christi doing what mimes do – mock people.

Check out the main page for more information!

Two projects lined up: “Those Present…” and “Carnivale Night”

Carnivale Night black

We have two projects lined up for release within just a few days of each other! First up, the film version of “Those Present at the Time of My Death”; this was originally a play we staged during “Causa Mortis” but the film version will be released in just a few days (if not today!).

After that, we will have our next Corpus performance – “Carnivale Night.” This will be a series of performance art pieces including:

– A body painting Happening called “Pollock’s Process” (directed by Katherine Orozco)
– An auxiliary performance by Beth Marie Cantu
– A revival of “The Mindless Men” (a livestream and Facebook improv-piece)
– and a handful of mimes!

“Carnivale Night” will be performed for FREE at Youga Yoga Space in Corpus Christi, TX on Friday night (May 15th) starting at 8:00 p.m.

Behind the scenes shot of the filming of “Those Present…”  Those PResent - BtS

“Divided by Zero” Interview Series – Robert Trujillo

Guerra with Trujillo in "From Inside", their first production with ZU.

Guerra with Trujillo in “From Inside”, their first production with ZU.


How long have you been involved with Zero Untitled and what was your first production?

I started Zero Untitled in the fall semester of 2014. I have currently been in ZU for about six months.


What is your best memory of any ZU production?

I would say my best memory of ZU would be the auditions for the One Acts during the fall semester. I sat there alone quietly, not saying anything or volunteering for any auditions. I remember mostly looking at the people and seeing how honestly weird they were. However, I would have never predicted how accepting ZU and its crew are of people.  I would have never assumed how close I would become to these people. Although, my favorite “production” memory would have to be [playing] the White Rabbit for the Dark Tour [in] “The Wonderland Massacre” written by the wonderful Katherine Orozco.



Trujillo as the White Rabbit.

Trujillo as the White Rabbit.

What project or projects are you currently working on with the company?

I am currently working on rehearsing for an Improv group known as Premature Punchline. I am also currently working on a couple of productions for our next event Causa Mortis.



What kind of future project would you like to dabble in?

I would love to do miming and also do a short film of some sort. I would love to also perform in what is known as a Happening.



If you can play any role in any show for ZU, what would it be?

I would love to play some sort of creepy psychotic part. People in ZU see me as such a nice, lovable person, but I want to play a human role that would creep them out in a cringe-worthy type of way. I would also like to be given a chance at a romantic role. Finally, I would also like to be given the opportunity to direct some production for experience.



How do you prepare for a role once you are cast?

My main and most entertaining method for me to prepare for a role is to go out late at night and rehearse my lines out loud in a secluded place.


Trujillo being punished by audience members in "Penalty Hat" in a recent Premature Punchline performance.

Trujillo being punished by audience members in “Penalty Hat” in a recent Premature Punchline performance.


What do you expect from the audiences of ZU shows?

Well first I expect them to show up. Although, what I truly expect from the audiences is for them to let us entertain with our creative, original ideas for plays, immersive theatre, poems, and events. I hope that they realize that not all theatrical productions have to be comedic or “happy” to be entertaining. Also, for them to like us on Facebook!



Trujillo (center) after being penalized in the Christmas Textual Overture.

Trujillo (center) after being penalized in the Christmas Textual Overture.

There are a lot of new people in the productions.  What would you tell people that are new to ZU?

Do not be afraid to be yourself. ZU is filled with weird people that have a variety of personalities and interests. I am positive you will find someone to talk to since we are such a diverse group.


Any final statements?

Zero Untitled is the best college-based decision I have made so far. I am truly honored to be a member and I cannot wait to produce my own ideas for ZU. My advice to anyone that is reading this is to give us a try. We may be different when it comes to entertainment, but we entertain to please in our own original ways. And I promise you will make many friends here in this giant family. BE YOU WITH ZU!!

Mime-nificent Seven hit downtown again

mime Trey

 (pictured “Stretch” the Mime goofing around with ZU crew member Joshua “Beta” McCaulley.)

Despite the 40 degree temperature, our resident mime troupe “Forward MIMEntum” performed in semi-cowboy regalia as part of the Kingsville Ranchhand Festival on November 23 in downtown Kingsville. 

The show name, “MIME-nificent Seven” spoofs the classic western film of similar name.  The troupe performed in two-hour shifts from noon until 4:30.  More pictures coming soon!

 Mime-nificent Seven makeup (pictured mimes: Harvey, Archie, Tawd, Katy without makeup, Jean, and Stretch (below))Mime article

ZU Education begins this week

Zero Untitled’s latest endeavor, an educational program, gets launched this week.  ZU Education is an 8-class series of workshops that assist in various aspects of theatre, film, writing, and editing.  Classes will be taught be local educators and ZU crew that have extensive experience in their respective fields. 

The workshops are designed to introduce both new and veteran actors to new exercises, techniques, and abilities to further strengthen the community within ZU.  Additionally, all workshops are absolutely free and will be held in various rooms in Sam Fore Hall at the TAMUK campus.

Here is the list of forthcoming workshops.

Sept 12 – “Acting 101 & Meisner Technique” with James Taylor Maupin IV, M.A. (UT Pan American), B.A. (TAMUK) @ 8:00 in the Blue Room.

tay edited

 (pictured Mr. Maupin)

Oct 10 – “Voice and Facial Expression” with Aaron Salinas (Best Supporting Actor Nominee, CC7D) and Luis Zaragosa.

Oct 25 – “Improvisational Basics” with Heraclio Gonzalez, Jr., B.A. (TAMUK), H.M. King HS Theatre teacher

Nov 20 – “Mime Basics” with Michael Verderber, M.A. (TAMUK), Lecturer at TAMUK

Dec 4 – “Poetic Writing” with Julio Martinez, B.A. (TAMUK)



mime class (pictured, Mr. Verderber’s Mime Class first held in the summer)


February – “Movement” with Katherine Orozco, B.A. (Best Actress Nominee, San Antonio Horrific Film Festival)

March – “Proper Presentation” with Nicholas Zaragosa

TBA – “Flyer Design and Production” with Anissa Medina, Photography for play anthologies

A whole lot in a little bit of time

In true Zero Untitled fashion, we have a handful of productions all coming up in a short amount of time.  Here is a quick run-down:

fishnado flyer

August 29 – Premature Punchline’s “Fishnado!”, Blue Room, 8:00

August 31 – Film premiere of “Eighty-Six Thousand Four Hundred Seconds” at CC7D, Harbor Playhouse, 4:00

September 6-7 – Don Nigro’s “Glamorgan”, Blue Room, 8:00


Glamorgan darker image












In addition to the above, be on the lookout for a promotional mime trailer for our in-house mime troupe, Forward MIMEntum, produced by Kingsville Now.  Also, the film “Eighty-Six Thousand Four Hundred Seconds” will have a trailer out very soon as well.  Likewise, the other mainstage production, “The Merchant of Venice” is in the rough-cut phase of editing and should be out in the next month or so.

For more information, visit the individual pages: 


“Glamorgan” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.

Mimes’ European Vacation

Those dirty mimes did it…again.  This time in London.  Tawd, Harvey, and Wren harassed (albeit silently) the residents of London on May 25th.  This production marks the second European show ZU has done (both were in the same week).  The other production was “All the World’s a Stage” (see below).

See the full show page for more images and details.

Mimes keep happening…

Another Zero Untitled happening broke out at the Desert Days & Nights Flying Festival in downtown Kingsville, TX.   “Forward MIMEntum”, the latest mime extravaganza and our 59th production was performed on April 14 from 3:00-5:30.

A video mini-documentary is in the works and should be posted  very soon, so keep a look out!

The featured mimes (from left to right) were:

Tawd – Luis Zaragosa

Archie – Julio Martinez

Woody – Danny Cantu

Wren – Katherine Orozco

Harvey – Michael Verderber

Roxi – Samantha Garcia


˜˜”*°•.¸☆ ★ ☆¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆
╔╗╔╦══╦═╦═╦╗╔╗ ★ ★ ★
║╚╝║══║═║═║╚╝║ ☆¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆
║╔╗║╔╗║╔╣╔╩╗╔╝ ★ NEW YEAR ☆ 2012!!
╚╝╚╩╝╚╩╝╚╝═╚╝ ¥☆★☆★☆¥ ★☆

A heartfelt thank you and happy New Year to all of our family, friends, actors, directors, cast, and crew!  Thanks to you, we had another record-setting attendance record year.  Our biggest success attendance-wise was “Relapse in Wonderland” which had a nightly attendance of rough 270+ folks braving the 40-minute long wait in line.  Similarly, Premature Punchline had over a dozen performances and had about 45 people attend each performance from July to December in Kingsville, Corpus Christi, South Padre Island, and Freer, TX.

But now is the time to look ahead to see what is up next!



“Textual Overture” will be a monthly series of play and monologue readings, poetry, experimental writing pieces, slam poetry, and even acoustic guitar jams at coffee shops in the Coastal Bend area.  For the first time, ZU is putting the audience in the performance spotlight.  Although much of “Textual…” will be scheduled, it will also contain an open-mic portion for any and all attendees to participate, read, or perform.


The madcap chaos that is PrePunch will continue monthly shows in Kingsville and Corpus in 2012.  Expect new games, more skits, and standup.




The first DISS was back in 2004 when ZU was first starting.  This year’s DISS will feature PrePunch’s Mark Pittman, Michael Mendez, Danny Cantu, and a slew of other standup comics. Coming mid-February.


“Remnant…” will be performance of 2-3 one act plays set for late March.


What happens when a depressed acoustic musician gets dumped by his girl (who leaves him for another girl)? Find out in April!


This is just a tentative list of what is in store.  There might be another happening (we can’t announce those), fire-breathing shows, and international performances!  Keep a close eye!

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