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What you missed on “The Day After”

Julio doing a song and dance.

Julio doing a song and dance.

For those who missed on on the recent “The Day After” themed Textual Overture, here was the set list and Open Mic acts that performed. It was a great night of plays, music, improv comedy, poetry, improv drama, weirdness, and even dance!


Textual Overture – THE DAY AFTER – February 16th, 2018

Kylie McIntosh – “Elevator” (poem)

Premature Punchline – Penalty Hat, Round 1

Ava Garza “Dream a Little Dream of Me” (song)

Dramatica – Josue “Zeta” Villarreal vs. David Earley

JulioMartinez “The Faces of Love” (poem)

TO Poo OPEN MIC: Robert “Poodle” Trujillo “Shakespeare Song”

Josue “Zeta” Villarreal “The Next Day” (poem)

Premature Punchline – Penalty Hat, Round 2

Julio Martinez “The Bigger the Figure” (song and dance)

Kylie McIntosh – “Balloons on the Ceiling” (poem)

OPEN MIC: Michael Verderber “Re—” (poem)

OPEN MIC: Katherine Orozco-Verderber “Burn” (song)

Dramatica – Andrea Lorin versus Kylie McIntosh

Josue “Zeta” Villarreal “Open Up” (poem)

Kylie McIntosh – “Horse Race” (poem)

to ava OPEN MIC: Robert “Poodle” Trujillo “Serious Love Poem”

OPEN MIC: Andrea Lorin “I Don’t Like You Either” (song)

Michael Verderber “Lonely, One and Only” (song)

Premature Punchline – Penalty Hat, Round 3

“A Dave with Destiny” (play) by Ken Preuss (dir. Josue Villarreal)

Dave w Destiny

February Happenings!

Looks like we have another busy month! Here is a list and dates of things occurring with Zero Untitled and our many branches!

Day after - Valentine's TO


  • February 8th @ Comics Live Downtown 8:00 – 9:00 Premature Punchline
  • February 15th @ Cafe 5 – 7:00 – 9:00 Textual Overture’s “The Day After”
  • Ongoing – Rehearsals for “Three Cells” in Texas are underway
  • Ongoing – Rehearsals for “Dream or Nightmare” in NYC are underway / Zero Untitled – NYC


  • March 15th – 16 @ TBA Art Gallery – 7:00 “Dream or Nightmare” / Zero Untitled – NYC


Voting is STILL happening for the Josephine Foundation awards, so please vote for Rose Gutierrez OR Katherine Orozco-Verderber! Scroll down this page for more info.

And check out our latest poetry video, Sonnet 50, featuring Gabriel Ruiz and Robert Trujillo! See it here:


Dream or Nightmare teaser

Dream or Nightmare teaser

2018 Premature Punchline schedule at Comics Live Downtown

The 2018 schedule for Premature Punchline’s performances at Comics Live Downtown, the comedy club inside Bella Luna restaurant in Corpus Christi, can be seen here.

At press, tickets are $5 for men and free for ladies (we are part of the Ladies Night lineup), but this could be subject to change.

Additional performances not at Comics Live will be posted soon, too.  PP 2018

December Zero Untitled shenanigans!

Here are just a handful of pics from this week in ZU! Two performances down this week and two more coming!

Preview performance of "Xtreme Xmas Boot Camp"

Preview performance of “Xtreme Xmas Boot Camp”

Prepunch performance in Alice, TX.

Prepunch performance in Alice, TX.

November and December Calendar

Promo aesthetic for "Feast of Flesh" 01

Promo aesthetic for “Feast of Flesh” 01













November 3rd – Premature Punchline, Art Walk @ 7pm Event Page:

November 8th – MainStage, Memento Mori @ 7pm – Memorial Student Union Building, room 219C @ TAMUK,  Event page:

November 9th – MainStage, Memento Mori @ 7pm – Memorial Student Union Building, room 219C @ TAMUK

November 10th – MainStage, Memento Mori @ 7pm – Memorial Student Union Building, room 219C @ TAMUK

PP Nov and Dec dates November 16th – Comics Live Downtown, Corpus Christi @ Bella Luna @ 8 pm

November 17th – Friendsgiving (private event)




December 6th – Secret Satan, 7 pm 

December 8th – Premature Punchline, Office Christmas Party gig in Alice @ 7pm (private event)

December 9th – Premature Punchline, Women’s Club private event in Kingsville

December 14th – Comics Live Downtown, Corpus Christi @ Bella Luna @ 8 pm

December 16th – TEXTUAL HO HO HOVERTURE, Kingsville @ Cafe 5 at 7:00

Ho Ho Hoverture teaser


December – To Be Named ZU NYC Christmas show

December – Additional Premature Punchline dates

December 3 – Deadline for script submissions for TO’s Holiday Themed show

January – Zero Untitled – NYC, new play stage reading in Manhattan Art Gallery, TBA

Premature Punchline got down and nerdy

RealmsCon group At the recent RealmsCon event on October 7 at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, PrePunch performed their “nerd” themed show, chock full of video game, comic book, Pokemon, and other science fiction and fantasy references.

Zeta with audi participant

The troupe performed the following games: Pokemon Dating Game, Penalty Hat, Superheroes, Find the Beelzenef, and more. More photos can be found on the Zero Untitled and Premature Punchline Facebook pages.

Premature Punchline has another show on Thursday night at Comics Live Downtown at Bella Luna in Corpus Christi, TX. 

The audience at RealmsCon

Textual Overture #18 in review!

R. Trujillo collecting quotes for PrePunch's performance.

R. Trujillo collecting quotes for PrePunch’s performance.


Performance of "A Devil's Haven"

Performance of “The Devil’s Haven”

The latest edition of Textual Overture has wrapped up an eclectic performance on Thursday, September 21 at Cafe 5 in Kingsville, TX.

Among the performances were new theatre pieces written by Julio Martinez and Michael Verderber.

Martinez’s called “The Devil’s Haven” was a sound-and-text based work that featured performances by Martinez, Josue Villarreal,  Tristan Wolfe, Angelina Rios, Kylie McIntosh, and Annette Otero Otero.

Verderber’s play, a silly golf comedy called “Dogleg” starred Amy Ziyad, Matthew Krug, and Vanessa Guerra with a cameo by Verderber.

The artwork (in form of print) of Mary Maliha was introduced by Katherine Orozco-Verderber. Poetry and open mic performances featured Allison Wonderland, Josue Villarreal, Robert Trujillo, Kylie McIntosh, and others.

The art table for Mary Maliha.

The art table for Mary Maliha.


"Dogleg" with (l-r) Vanessa G, Matthew K, and Amy Z.

“Dogleg” with (l-r) Vanessa G, Matthew K, and Amy Z.

This week’s events!

New Works Series2-1PP Sept 14 We have auditions TONIGHT at 7:00 for a slew of upcoming projects and a slew projects happening, both here and with Zero Untitled NYC. Quick glance:

September 12 – Auditions (info posted on Facebook)

September 14 – Premature Punchline @ Comics Live Downtown, Corpus Christi, TX

September 15 – “Unending Repetition” @ Manhattan Repertory Theatre, ZU-NYC

September 16 – “Unending Repetition” @ Manhattan Repertory Theatre, ZU-NYC

September 21 – “Textual Overture” @ Cafe 5 – Kingsville, Texas mary head

TO Sept 2017

Quick preview for September and October season


1st – “Dramatica” Gathering, dramatic improv and performance fun!

7th – A Doll’s House – staged reading, 7:00, meet at Sam Fore Hall and we shall find a location

8th – “Dramatica” a public long form dramatic improv, 8:00, Free Speech Area

12th – Cattle call AUDITIONS, location and time coming soon

14th – Premature Punchline at Comics Live Downtown

download (1)

15th – “Unending Repetition” @ Manhattan Repertory Theatre (NYC)

16th – “Unending Repetition” @ Manhattan Repertory Theatre (NYC)

21St – Textual Overture, Cafe 5, time TBA

25th – Three Hour Theatre @ The Way Station (Brooklyn, NY)



7th – Premature Punchline @ RealmsCon @ 7:00-9:00


12th – Premature Punchline @ Comics Live Downtown

TBA – Pygmalion – staged reading (might be rescheduled)

26th – Memento Mori @ TBA

27th – Memento Mori @ TBA

Some locations and times might change. Stay tuned!

PrePunch gets penalized

Jordan playing a red pirate... apparently.

Jordan playing a red pirate… apparently.

Premature Punchline did a riotous show at Comics Live Downtown inside Bella Luna in Corpus Christi. Here are some pics from the performance.

PrePunchers at the show were Robert “Poodle” Trujillo, Andrea Lorin, Julio Martinez, Michael Verderber, Kate Remelius, and Jordan Bruster-Campo.

Drea dropping a beat as a penalty.

Drea dropping a beat as a penalty.

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