Zero Untitled is an experimental theatre troupe that has staged productions and films primarily in South Texas but also in New York City, Boston, San Jose (Ca), Las Vegas, London (England), and Honduras. Zero Untitled views itself as a conduit for creative theatre pieces and it encourage performers, writers, and thespians to utilize Zero Untitled as a vehicle for experimenting in work that transcends typical theatrical mediums.

The company primarily performs stage plays in non-theatrical spaces (hallways, outside, meeting rooms, etc) in an effort to bring theatre to the masses and not be limited by traditional spaces. Zero Untitled also performs fire-breathing showcases on occasion, has an on-going improv comedy troupe called Premature Punchline located in Texas and a branch in Chicago (forthcoming), an experimental performance group called “Textual Overture”, and a brand new branch of ZU in NYC.





“Unending Repetition” – “Best Drama” 2017 Equity Library Theatre Summer Play Festival, New York City

“Treason” – “Best Drama” 2017 Equity Library Theatre Summer Play Festival, New York City

“GPS: Gender’s Problematic Situation” – Best Comedy, 2014 Playwrights Express, Los Angeles

“Eighty Six Thousand Four Hundred Seconds” – CC7D Film Festival 2013, Best Ensemble, Corpus Christi

“Eighty Six Thousand Four Hundred Seconds” – CC7D Film Festival 2013, Best Original Song, Corpus Christi


Recent spaces/venues ZU has performed at:
Blue Room, Fore Hall, The Pavillion, Cafe 5, Elks Lodge, Blue Ribbon Cafe, MSUB – Kingsville
The Strip – Las Vegas
Residence(s) – San Jose, CA
Various locales – Boston, MA
Louie’s Backyard – South Padre Island, Tx
Tango Tea Room, Fresh Cafe, Bella Luna – Corpus Christi, Tx
Ruta Maya’s – Austin, Tx
Padington Square – London, England

Belafonte Library Theatre – NY, NY

Various locales – Honduras


Zero Untitled Timeline

Early 2003 – Zero Untitled Films is birthed as an independent film company.

Summer 2003 – Filming for “The Man Who Walks Alone” begins and ends in collaboration with Dreamchaser Productions.

November 7, 2003 – “The Man Who Walks Alone” is premiered at the Edgeworks Short Film Festival in Corpus Christi, TX.

November 10, 2003 – Zero Untitled Films changes name to Zero Untitled Films / Productions with announcement of upcoming theatrical production of “Freakshow Theatre”.

December 3, 2003 – “Freakshow Theatre” premieres with “I Am The Devil” outside of Little Theatre in collaboration with SIR Inc.

Early December – “Domestic Insanity…” announced via email.

January 15, 2004 – “Domestic Insanity Standup Showcase: Bringin’ In The New Year” opens at Little Theatre.

January 20, 2004 – Great review over “Domestic Insanity…” written in The South Texan.

April 8, 2004 – “Reversed Rhythm: Open Mic Poetry” announced via email and flyers.

April 28, 2004 – “Reversed Rhythm: Open Mic Poetry” premieres at The Blue Room in Fore Hall in collaboration with the Language & Lit. dept.

September, 2004 – “The Unraveling – A Radio Theatre Experiment” announced via email.

October, 2004 – “Flowers In The Fall”, “The Man Who Walks Alone” screening and “Freakshow Theatre II” all announced via email.

November 1, 2004 – “Flowers In The Fall” premieres at Ben Bailey Art Gallery for Dia De Los Muertos.

November 2004 – “Flowers In The Fall” televised airing announced.

November 2004 – The South Texan reviews Dia De Los Muertos happenings including “Flowers In The Fall.”

December 2, 2004 – “Freakshow Theatre II” premieres in front of Little Theatre in collaboration with Art Association.

March 2005 – “Ankur Adrift” and “Voices In The Air” both announced via email.

April 2005 – An announcement for “Ankur Adrift” aired on Corpus Christi radio show.

April 20, 2005 – “Ankur Adrift” premieres in the SUB room 221 A&B.

April 2005 – Great supportive review for “Ankur Adrift” written in The South Texan.

August 2005 – “The Suicide Note” premieres via the internet on (now defunct). One Man One Acts announced via email.

October 12-13, 2005 – “Voices In The Air” premieres at The Blue Room.

October 19, 2005 – An awesome 1/2 page review over “Voices in the Air” written in The South Texan.

October 26, 2005 – A great ’student spotlight’ on Zero Untitled’s Verderber, Ruiz, Vargas, and Guzman in The South Texan.

January 2006 – “Scars of War: “Amputation” and “PFS21″” announced.

April 2006 – “Scar of War” announced via various Corpus newspapers and internet postings.

April 11-12, 2006 – “Scars of War” performed in the SUB Ballroom A.

April 2006 – “The Man Who Walks Alone”screened at South Texas Filmmakers film festival.

June 2006 – “Kult Klassics!” announced via email and website posting.

June 2006 – Zero Untitled Films / Productions debuts on MySpace.

June 7, 2006 – “Kult Klassics!” premieres at The Blue Room and runs until June 16, 2006. Includes bake sale.

June 12, 2006 – “The Telegration Experiment: A Happening” premieres in front of the Jernigan Library and MSUB at TAMUK.

June 2006 – “Kult Klassics 2” announced via email, myspace, and website.

July 5, 2006 – “Kult Klassics 2” premieres at The Blue Room and runs until July 14, 2006. Includes bake sale.

July 2006 – “The Suicide Note” screened at “Kult Klassics!

July 2006 – “Mimeumentary” announced via email, website, and myspace.

July 2006 – “Mimeumentary” begins filming

July 12, 2006 – “Mimeumentary” premieres at “Kult Klassics 2” and runs until July 14, 2006.

September 2006 – “Double Dose: No One is Listening & House Party Pix Up” announced via MySpace and website.

September 2006 – “Once Enslaved” announced via flyers.

September 2006 – “Mimeumentary” scheduled to air on Channel 2 in Kingsville.

September 20, 2006 – “Double Dose: No One is Listening & House Party Pix Up” premieres in the Little Theatre and runs until September 21.

September 2006 – “Night By The River” announced via website.

October 2006 – “Mimeumentary” airs on Ch. 2 in Kingsville, TX

October 26, 2006 – “Night By The River” performed in College Station, TX as part of the Southwestern Writers and Artists Festival

November 2, 2006 – “A Trance of Death” premiered around the TAMUK campus.

November 2006 – “Fishin’ in the Rite Hole” announced.

December 3, 2006 – “Fishin’ in the Rite Hole” premieres at the Kleberg County Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

December 2006 – Production of DJ Oringe music videos announced.

January 2007 – ZUF’s first music video “In Regards” completed and set to premiere.

January 2007 – Production for a staged adaptation (called “Once Enslaved”) of Frederick Douglass’s seminal work “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass” begins in collaboration with Texas A&M University – Kingsville.

February 2007 – “Once Enslaved” opens at Texas A&M University – Kingsville.

March 2007 – Writing and rehearsals begin on “Final Examination”, the company’s first one man show. The show premieres the same month starring company founder, Gabriel Ruiz.

June 2007 – Our 2007 summer show, entitled “Ends of the Spectrum” begins rehearsals in collaboration with upstart company Bloodline GEMZ.

July 2007 – “Ends of the Spectrum” premieres at the Little Theatre.

August 2007 – “Amputation” accepted at the Pop Culture Conference in Boston, MA.

October 2007 – Filming and recording begin for the company’s second music video for a song (written by company founder Michael Verderber) called “Slipping.” The video is premiered online that same month.

February 2008 – An untitled series of comedies is announced via email and website.

March 2008 – “Quickies: A Collection of Comedies” premieres at the Blue Room. Attendance for the three nights were remarkably high despite the venue – 54, 65, 82 for the three nights.

April 2008 – “Quickies” receives coverage on Channel 2 in Kingsville and surrounding areas.

July 2008 – A series of dramatic pieces called “Fractured” announced as well as a (latter postponed) radio show.

November 2008 – Re-editing of “Over White Wine” for a complete film project begins under the editorial direction of Megan Saenz.

November 2008 – “Fractured” premieres at the Blue Room. The shows featured a play set mostly in complete darkness, a staging of a short story and a violent hybrid Reader’s Theatre piece.

December 2008 – Forthcoming film festival announced featuring several Texas film makers.

February 2009 – The ZUF Film Festival premieres several short films (18 different entries). This also marked the premiere of the Zuffy awards for the filmmakers and their work.

February 2009 – The happening “13°: The Political Climate of Freemasonry” premieres on the campus of Texas A&M in Kingsville, TX.

March 2009 – Another happening premiered called “Surprise Flash Bang!” under the vision on producer Chad Wallace. This show returned Zero Untitled to its carnivalesque roots by having three ZU crew firebreathing at the Spring Fling.

April 2009 – Writing and production begins on Zero Untitled’s second one-man show called “Random Thoughts and Unfinished Songs”. The show goes on to premiere in April and have the longest run of any Zero Untitled show (with seven show spanning two months). It also premiered in Corpus Christi, TX at Wiseguys Club.

April 2009 – A new traveling show called “Safety Bunny and Baby Dormouse” is announced as the company decides to trudge new ground – children’s theatre. The show is later renamed “Safety Critters” after rehearsals begin.

May 2009 – “Safety Critters” premieres at the Marc Cisneros Center for Young Children.

May 2009 – A summer series of dramatic pieces collectively called “Ends of the Spectrum II” is announced. It was our second collaboration with Bloodline GEMZ. The show is later renamed “Women Scorned.”

June 2009 – “Women Scorned” is premiered at the Blue Room. The series included a ghostly Don Nigro play, a one-woman show, and a tortured romance.

July 2009 – The Fall/Spring season is announced tentatively featuring: “The Run Around”, an improv show, a Christmas play, a new adaptation by ZU founder Gabriel Ruiz, and Verderber’s original adaptation to Euripides’s classic, reinvented as “Medea: Cerberus.”

October 2009 –”Our Gift from Prometheus” (a fire breathing show) is performed at TAMUK’s Fall Carnival.

November 1, 2009 – “Epitaph by Moonlight” (a short play) opens in collaboration with TAMUK’s annual Day of the Dead art exhibit.

November 9, 2009 – “The Run Around” is cancelled due to a military-related conflict.

November 2009 – Our first Christmas show, “Twas the FLOP Before Christmas” is announced as our 36th production.

November 2009 – “Prometheus [redux]“, another fire breathing show is performed.

December 2009 – “Twas the FLOP Before Christmas” is performed in the Memorial Student Union Building.

January 2010 – Filming, postproduction and release for the short film “Pilo, the Neverending” occurs in northern California.

February 2010 – Our 38th production, the interactive “Into Hell: A Trek Through Dante’s Inferno” is performed to over 300 people.

April 2010 – The new comedy “Heart and Stole” is announced.

May 2010 – “Heart and Stole” premieres as the 39th production.

June 2010 – The spoof of the Greek tragedy “Antigone,” entitled “Anti-Gone Wrong” is announced and also performed.

July 2010 – Meetings and filming in Boston begin for a new music video called “Saltie” by DJ Oringe.

August 2010 – “Saltie” premieres online.

September 2010 – “When Mimes Invade” sweeps the Kingsville Downtown ArtWalk. Preparations began for “Madness in Wonderland

October 2010 – The fire breathing show “Ignis Duo” occurs in conjunction with TAMUK’s Fall Carnival. Another fire breathing show, “Flight of the Fireflies: Take Off/The Migration” was performed behind Cousins Hall. The radio show mystery, “The Unraveling” was also performed

November 2010 – “Madness in Wonderland” performed throughout Fore Hall.

December 2010 – Filming for DJ Oringe’s next video “Floormatted” began.

January 2011 – “A Vague Absence” is announced.

February 2011 – The second installment of “Flight of the Fireflies: Exit Diapause” occurs during GATO-Con.

March 2011 – “A Vague Absence” is performed. Zero’s spring fire breathing show, “Amber & Ashes” occurs.

April 2011 – William Shakespeare’s “The Rape of Lucrece” is announced and rehearsals begin.

May 2011 – “The Rape of Lucrece” premieres as Zero’s 50th show.

Summer 2011 – “Premature Punchline” shows occur once a week throughout the summer, in TAMUK’s Blue Room and Corpus Christi’s Tango Tea Room.

September 2011 – The Premature Punchline crew welcomes the freshmen to TAMUK with their “Welcome Freshmen” comedy show.

October 2011 – In conjunction with TAMUK’s Fall Carnival, “Se7en,” a fire breathing show, was performed. “Relapse in Wonderland” rehearsals began.

November 2011 – “Relapse in Wonderland” was performed.

December 2011 – Zero Untitled went to Vegas to perform “Gamblin’ Mime” along the Strip.

2012 Highlights:

  • International production “All The World’s a Stage” (Texas, Korea, London) all happen at the same time
  • Several one-act plays premiere

2013 Highlights

  • Our Corpus Christi Seven-Day Film project “Eighty Six Thousand…” brings home several awards
  • About ten productions went up

2014 Highlights

  • The Dark Tours “The Factory” and “The Wonderland Massacre” premieres
  • ZU invited to perform at Shake38, a major Shakespeare festival in St Louis, MO
  • Experimental live Facebook/film/improv project “The Mindless Men” premieres online

2015 Highlights

  • “The Taming of the Shrew” is produced
  • Collaboration with San Antonio poet Octavio Quintanilla continue with several poetry videos being produced
  • We film our first book trailer

2016 Highlights

  • We staged our first Greek adaptation of Medea called Medea:Cerberus 
  • We staged Doctor Faustus with a young female playing the role of the elderly doctor
  • #ZeroLife series premieres several ultra short works online
  • Neverland Lost Dark Tour premieres

2017 Highlights

  • Dark tour A Night at the Opal, an immersive noir crime show premieres
  • We perform at two simultaneous proms (HM King’s Cirque de Soleil theme & PPAS’s Alice in Wonderland theme)
  • On-going series of Shakespearean sonnet videos that work both individually and collectively as multiple stories
  • Two plays will be produced Off Off Broadway in August: Treason and Unending Repetition 



Zero Untitled is proud to have an ever-growing list of over 100 World Premieres:
Freakshow Theatre
Freakshow Theatre II
Flowers in the Fall
Ankur Adrift
Concrete Hearts
Ms. Negativity
A Winter’s Harvest
House Party Mix Up
No One is Listening
Night by the River
Fishin’ in the Rite Hole
Final Examination
Excerpts from a Life Once Lived
Over White Wine
These Last Words
Regrets of Idiocy
Taming of the Fleas: Act One
Before We Met
Red Roses All Over Me
Through Glass
Random Thoughts and Unfinished Songs
Safety Critters
Twas the FLOP Before Christmas
Into Hell: A Trek Through Dante’s Inferno
Heart and Stole
Anti-Gone Wrong
The Unraveling
Madness in Wonderland
Three Hours
The Rape of Lucrece (new adaptation)
Relapse in Wonderland
Broken Wheels
GPS: Gender’s Problematic Situation
Flight 1862
Haiku of a Madman
Clerks: Shakespeare Edition
True College Learning
Wandering Blvd
Nightmare of Oz

Pot and Kettle

An Early Mourning


Only Slightly Mad

No Regrets

Too Young To Die

The Bachelorette Party

It’s Not Very Effective

A Kidnapping

Lolita And The Fox

There’s a Hotel at the End

The Walls Have Faces


A Glass Veil

Eighty-Six Thousand Four Hundred Seconds

A Winter’s Harvest


Pinko’s Pirouette

Coming Out Party


Fucking Karma

Leave a Message at the Beep




Too Little, Too Late

Don’t Forget



The Factory

Dual Sex

Cafe Triste (video)


Mal de Ojo (video)

All Tied Up

From Inside

The Graveyard Shift

Wolfe of the West



The Wonderland Massacre

Message (video)

Charon’s Speech

Those Present at the Time of My Death

Oxidized Coal



I’ll See You At Heaven’s Gate

The Burning of Mary


A Girl and her Monster

This One

Medea: Cerberus

Doctor Faustus (adaptation)

I Wanna Try That!

Empathy: A Mom Blog

Thr33 H0ur Th3atr3 plays

Tiny Forest

Neverland Lost

Christmas OFF The Shelf

A Night at the Opal


Unending Repetition

The Devil’s Haven

Dogleg: A Golf Comedy

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