Zero Untitled celebrates its 10th Anniversary and the publication of the [nonspace] book with a series of plays from the text and a party on Thursday, October 24th at 7:00.

The event will feature three plays and a live performance from Corpus Christi rockers The Blind Owls.  Join us for the food, friends, plays, and live music!

10th - Two



Performing in faculty men’s restroom


LORENZO – Nickolas Villarreal

KINGSLEY – Joshua “Beta” McCaulley


Director – Katherine Orozco

Stage Manager – Antonio Verastegui

Writer – Michael Verderber

 Party sign



Performing in the Blue Room


DEATH – Clarissa Alvarez

SPRING – Edward Fernandez

SUMMER – Anissa Medina

FALL – Elan Perez

WINTER – Christina Saldivar

PAWN – Amber Badger

PAWN – Jessica Rojas


Director – Rebekah Ramos

Stage Manager – Julio Martinez

Writer – Michael Verderber




Performing in Room 104


PINKO – Aaron Salinas (first performance)

PINKO – Evan Cordova (second performance)


Director: Michael Verderber

Stage Manager – Reyna Chavez

Writer – Michael Verderber


NICKOLAS VILLARREAL  has performed in high school productions of Actor’s Nightmare and Dearly Departed. This is his first performance with Zero Untitled.

JOSHUA “BETA” MCCAULLEY  is an avid Zero Untitled performer. He has previously performed in Game of Fortune, A Glass Veil, and many more.

KATHERINE OROZCO is the co-head of Zero Untitled’s main stage. She has previously directed Broken Wheels, The Thin Divide, and co-directed Nightmare of Oz.

ANTONIO VERASTEGUI ran lights for Glamorgan. He was last seen in Lolita and the Fox.

CLARISSA ALVAREZ was last seen in First Names.

EDWARD FERNANDEZ has previously performed in a high school production of Exploding Love. He is new to Zero Untitled.

ANISSA MEDINA has previously performed in Pot and Kettle and Nightmare of Oz. She is a member of Premature Punchline.

ELAN PEREZ is a new actor for Zero Untitled.

CHRISTINA SALDIVAR was last seen in It’s Not Very Effective at OmniCon. She has previously performed in Manikin.

AMBER BADGER has performed in a high school production of Exploding Love. She is new to Zero Untitled.

JESSICA ROJAS is new to acting and Zero Untitled.

REBEKAH RAMOS has previously directed It’s Not Very Effective, Game of Fortune, Blame Not My Lute, and many more.

JULIO MARTINEZ has previously stage managed A Glass Veil.

AARON SALINAS has participated in The Walls Have Faces, Relapse in Wonderland, and many more.

EVAN CORDOVA was last seen in Nightmare of Oz and An Early Mourning.

MICHAEL VERDERBER is the creative director of Zero Untitled. He has previously directed First Names and The Mattress, and is the author of [injection], A Winter’s Harvest, and Pinko’s Pirouette.  

REYNA CHAVEZ is new to stage managing and Zero Untitled.



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