ZU’s next production, the full-length “A Glass Veil” premiered in early May 2013 in the Blue Room.  Due to time constraints and a multitude of other productions beginning, there were only a limted two performances of this mainstage show.  Usually, ZU does 3 productions of the spring closer.

“A Glass Veil”  by Katherine Orozco is a tale of irony based on a young girl’s alleged madness paralleling the detectives investigating her case.  After a series of mysterious murders occur, the show plays out almost in reverse of the traditional structure of a building climax.  Unfortunately, we can’t give more out without giving away the play itself.

a glass veil - teaser

Cast members included:

Katherine Orozco (Nightmare of Oz, Cooookie!) wrote and assistant-directed the play and starred as the lead characters Irina and Simone.  Under the direction of Michael Verderber (manikin, The Mattress), the cast also included ZU mainstage actors Daron Briscoe (the Wonderland series, Acoustical) and Luis Zaragosa (Twas the Flop, Fish & Giggles) playing Detectives Lawrence and Joyce, respectively.

Josh Cavazos (directing The Rorshach Test, acting in Only Slightly Mad) dabbles in the concernced yet calculated psychologist Dr. Hugo Faris.  Irina’s parents were played by Elizabeth Lysinger (Chapters, Nightmare) as Lorraine and David Sabrio (The Rape of Lucrece, All The World’s a Stage) as the father, William.

Minor roles included Verderber as Captain Shaw, EMTs Aaron Salinas (Relapse in Wonderland, Pinko’s Pirouette) and Joshua McCaulley (Inviting a Friend to Supper, PrePunch).  Tech included Anissa Medina (Pot & Kettle, Cooookie!), Rebekah Ramos (Lolita & the Fox, The Rorshach Test), Salinas, and C.J. Lillie (Premature Punchline and Not That Wise writer).

The program listing: 



Irina Dodgson / Simone – Katherine Orozco

Simon Lawrence – Daron Briscoe

Franklin Joyce – Luis Zaragosa

Lorraine Dodgson – Elizabeth Lysinger

William Dodgson – David Sabrio

Hugo Faris – Josh Cavazos

Captain Shaw – Michael Verderber

EMT #1 – Joshua McCaulley

EMT #2 – Aaron Salinas


CO-DIRECTOR – Katherine Orozco

STAGE MANAGER – Aaron Salinas

LIGHTS – Anissa Medina

MUSIC – Rudy Hernandez, Jr.

Thanks to Beth Cantu, C.J. Lillie, Rebekah Ramos, and Julio Martinez for their assistance and Dr. Melinda Brou for use of the set!


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