A Vague Absence” is the title of the collection of one act plays, both previously produced (Mamet) and world premieres (Ruiz, Gutierrez) that all follow the theme of loss, relationships gone astray and the desire for something better.  Performance on March 8 & 9 in the Blue Room at Texas A&M Univ – Kingsville.  Shows starts at 8:00 pm.  FREE ADMISSION.

Side Talk” by David Gutierrez, dir. Miguel “Cosmo” Venegas


     Daphne – Erica Learned

     Rebecca – Victoria Bowers

           Costume Design – Katherine Orozco

          Stage Manager – Nicholas Zaragosa

Three Hours” by Gabriel Ruiz, dir. Megan Saenz


                                                                                                                                                                                              (photo by Erica Learned)

    Damien – Roberto “Buddy” Trevino

     Ruby – Melissa Anne Saenz

     Priscilla –

     Kelly – Katherine Orozco

A Life with No Joy In It” by David Mamet, dir. Michael Verderber

     A – James Taylor Maupin IV

     B – Megan Saenz

          Shadow A – Nick Learned

          Shadow B – Joshua Cavazos

          Stage Manager – Luis Zaragosa


Joshua Cavazos, Robert Alvarado, Caleb Bonitz

David Gutierrez’s (previously in “Madness in Wonderland”, “The Dead Wife”) “Side Talk” explores the nature of relationships and the loss they bring to those involved.  Emotional torture occurs over a cup of coffee.  Miguel Venegas directs this production; he previously acted in “Madness…” and “The Unraveling”).

Gabriel Ruiz’s (previously in “Final Examination”, tech “Once Enslaved”) play “Three Hours” explores absence in our own backyard.  The living room becomes a battle ground in which all parties, seen and unseen, are the losers.  Director Megan Saenz has previously performed in “Madness in Wonderland”.

A Life with No Joy In It” is a rarely-produced short play by David Mamet, who is infamous for full-length plays such as “Oleanna” and “American Buffalo” due to his rapid fire dialogue style.  This experimental piece conveys a tug of war in  conversation with topics such as tea and death.  Michael Verderber previously directed “Madness…” and “When Mimes Invade”.


“Being about a deadbeat mother and a resonsible father, Gabriel Ruiz cuts against the grain of popular media in “Three Hours.”  The acting was solid and the scenario very real and believable.” – Taggert R.

“They did extremely well…movie quality material” – Preston N.

“[The plays] expose the ruggedness of life” – Maria J.

“The second play was something that is very dear to my heart.  I wanted to cry.  [Zero Untitled] never cease to amaze me with their interpretations of the world through theatre.” – Alyssa S.

”Great show!” – Lorena H.

“James Maupin and Megan Saenz did a fabulous performance on facial expression and voice. Powerful and diverse” – Melinda S.


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