Zero Untitled’s latest full-length play, Acoustical, follows the life of Decapo, an acoustic rock musician dealing with a recent breakup.  His roommate Rosin (who is too full of himself and the hip hop culture) and secret-keeping friend, Kimmy, do their best to get him over this trying time.


Decapo – Danny Cantu

Rosin – Joshua Cavazos

Kimmy – Katherine Orozco

Waitress – Samantha Garcia

Party Girl #1 – Jessica Johnson

Angel – Shelby Sutton

Party Girl #2 – Cierra Wilcher

Angry Man – Daron Briscoe


Writer/Director – Michael Verderber

Stage Manager – Samantha Garcia

Lights – Samantha Garcia, Rebekah Ramos

Additional Lighting – Heraclio Gonzalez, Jr.

Sound / Live Music – Andrew Frimpong, Danny Cantu

Run Crew – Alma Lopez



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