A drama about paranoia and the effects of 9-11 on the citizens of a small town after a boy from India is found dead in a river. Everyone begins to poke their fingers at a “skinhead-looking” junk yard owner because Ankur’s body washed up in the river behind the junk yard owner’s house. The characters question whether or not it was just to blame him merely due to reasonable suspicion.

ONE – [Ankur’s Brother] – Gokul Gopalkrishnan
TWO – [Officer] – Heraclio Gonzalez, Jr.
THREE – [Ankur’s Mother] – Jaya Kilnani
FOUR – [Townie] – Melissa Anne Scott
FIVE – [Teacher] – Leslie Garcia
SEVEN – [Junk Yard Suspect] – Paco Rosas-Moreno

Written by Michael Verderber
Directed by Gabriel Ruiz
Lights and Sound by Michael Verderber
Set Design by Michael Verderber

The Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Committee, Rick Saenz, and David Deacon

HIGHLIGHT: The cast, director, and writer in a Q&A in which the play was scholastically critiqued.

Here is a review published in The South Texan Newspaper from April 24, 2005: http://www.tamuk.edu/southtexan/archives/2005/04-24-05/stories/play2.ht

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