xmas (Pictured: Miguel Venegas, Michael Verderber, Beth Cantu, and Katherine Orozco in a teaser pic)






Zero Untitled is making the yet another rated-R holiday themed show, so hide the kids, spike the errated blankgg nog and get ready to laugh! “Another Rated R Christmas Show” held two peformances:

Pinky’s Sports Bar – Corpus Christi, Dec 18th @ 8:30

Innovation Lab – Kingsville, Dec 20th @ 7:00



Caleb Bonitz

Beth Marie Cantu

Deborah Gerd

Heraclio Gonzalez, Jr

Katherine Orozco*

Julio Martinez

Rolando Rios*

Aaron Salinas

Miguel “Cosmo” Venegas

Michael Verderber

Luis Zaragosa


*guest performer

Photos Below:

IMAG1621 (Pictured: Aaron Salinas performing “Aaron’s Christmas Wishlist” at Pinky’s Sports Bar.)





 (Pictured: Luis Zaragosa, Heraclio Gonzalez, Jr., and Caleb Bonitz)





IMAG1640 (Pictured: Luis Zaragosa, Aaron Salinas, Beth Cantu, Deborah Gerd; offstage, Rolando Rios, Miguel Venegas)





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