Zero Untitled and long-time collaborator David Gutierrez (Bloodline GEMZ) are in Boston, MA for production meetings and the filming of the next production.  The 41st production will be another music video from DJ Oringe called “Saltie.”

[jwplayer config=”Custom Player” mediaid=”1226″]

Video embedded above, or click here: DJ Oringe – Saltie (Windows Media)

Here’s a pic of some of the cast/crew taking a quick break by the bay:

David Gutierrez (Grim, Camera, Co-Direction); Lindsey Allen (Rachel); and Vivian Yee (Costumes, Dir. of Photography)


Rachel: Lindsey Allen

Grim: David Gutierrez

Rob: Michael Verderber

Leslie: Sally Burgos


Director: Michael Verderber

Co-Director: David Gutierrez

Camera: Verderber, Gutierrez, Yee

Costume Design: Vivian Yee

Grip: Sally Burgos

Director of Photography: Vivian Yee


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