Zero Untitled is proud to present our 100th full production* – Christopher Marlowe’s The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus.



The Pope – Joshua Elias McCaulley

Cardinal of Lorrain – Robert Trujillo

The Emperor of Germany – C.J. Lillie

Duke of Vanholt – Josue Villarreal

Doctor Faustus – Katherine Orozco-Verderber

Valdes – Andrea Lorin

Cornelius – Robert Trujillo

Wagner – Beth Marie Cantu-Castillo

Robin – Josue Villarreal

Rafe – Joshua Elias McCaulley

Vintner – Beth Marie Cantu-Castillo

Horse-Courser – Elie Andrade

Knight – Emanuel Ibanez

Old Man – C.J. Lillie

Duchess of Vanholt – Ryann Haese

Lucifer – Michael Verderber

Beelzebub – Robert Breedlove

Mephistophilis – Julio Martinez

Good Angel – Robert Trujillo

Evil Angel – Andrea Lorin

Pride – Alexandra Hernandez

Covetousness – Andrea Lorin

Wrath – Robert Breedlove

Envy – Ryann Haese

Gluttony – Elie Andrade

Sloth – Emanuel Ibanez

Lechery – Deborah Gerd

Alexander the Great – Josue Villarreal

Alexander’s Paramour – Ryann Haese

Helen of Troy – Deborah Gerd

Scholars: Joshua Elias McCaulley, Alexandra Hernandez, Robert Breedlove

Friars: Robert Trujillo, Josue Villarreal

Chorus – Josue Villarreal, Ryann Haese, Joshua Elias McCaulley Alexandra Hernandez, Elie Andrade, Emanuel Ibanez, Deborah Gerd, Beth Marie Cantu

Devils – Andrea Lorin, Robert Trujillo, Josue Villarreal, Robert Breedlove, Ryann Haese, Joshua Elias McCaulley, Alexandra Hernandez, Elie Andrade, Emanuel Ibanez, Deborah Gerd, Beth Marie Cantu.

Understudy – Nick Wommack

Director – Michael Verderber, Katherine Orozco-Verderber

Tech and Lights – Rebekah Ramos

Composer – Robert Trujillo

Guest Directors – Micah Blain, Emanuel Ibanez, Julio Martinez



DSC_0111 DSC_0157 DSC_0183 DSC_0214 Elie as Horse Courser Faustus amongst PA audi in extreme 3Q thrust Faustus w Angels Julio as Mephistophiles Katherine as Faustus Katy, Julio, Ibanez as Husband Rehearsal - Chorus Zeta and Ryann at TAMUK Alex, Breedlove, Nick as Scholars Chorus rehearsal

Photos taken from performances at Presbyterian Pan Am School, Texas A&M Univ – Kingsville and TAMU – Corpus Christi. Hi res rehearsal photos by Alex and performances by Michael.



*Note on 100th production: Although we have staged close to 160 plays, films, fire breathing showcases, and happenings, according to our numbering system that numbers the shows as a complete production, Faustus makes our 100th. Since many of our previous productions in the past have been showcases of several one act plays in one night, we kept those works (such as The Farewell Projects, New Foundations Festival, From Passion…, and Double Dose, for example) count as one show. The one hundredth staged work was likely in ZU-066 (From Passion to Page back in 2012).























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