Zero Untitled mounts its 15th production, a double dose of comedic one acts called “Double Dose: House Party Mix Up & No One is Listening”.

Performed on September 20 and 21, 2006 7:30pm.

Little Theatre, Texas A&M University Kingsvillle

House Party Mix Up by Michael Verderber

Directed by Rick Saenz

Benny – Nicholas Casillas
Tony – Kurt Mann
Max – James Taylor Maupin IV
Sandra – Cassandra Clarke
Girl in Blue – Karissa Garza
Chinamin – Michael Verderber
Glowstick Guy – Gabriel Ruiz
Partiers – Gabriel Villareal, Lisa Vela
HOUSE PARTY MIX UP takes place at a college party in which drinking leads to mistaken identity and a lot of headaches for partiers Benny, Max and Tony.


No One is Listening by Michael Verderber

Directed by Gabriel Ruiz


Patrick Christopher Singer – Gabriel Ruiz

Tape Player – O’Ryan White

In the short play NO ONE IS LISTENING, we meet Patrick trapped in a room on all four sides with only a tape recorder to keep him company. The thing is the tape recorded can talk to him!

This production is a one man play utilizing pre-recorded dialogue (from cassette tapes) as the “other” actor that the lead actor (Ruiz) played off of. The absurdist element heightens the dream-esque quality of the piece.

No One is Listening also had a private performance for professional actor Tim Mooney on Oct. 21.

Verderber read several critiques and this is what many had to say:

“hilarious and unique”

“In the future I will go and see more plays because of these two [performances]”

“I have never seen anything like this”

“A great experience to see”

“Unique and well worth the time”

HIGHLIGHT: Doing a show (literally) on the Little Theatre stage and having a crowd of about 100!


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