Our next project entitled “Women Scorned” will be a collaboration with long time affiliates Bloodline Gemz Productions (David Gutierrez) and will be premiered on June 23, 24, and 25 at the Blue Room at 7:00.  This will be the second collaboration with Bloodline Gemz.  This will be a showcase of several short pieces that revolve around the theme of women struggling:

“THE DEAD WIFE” by Don Nigro

dir. Michael Verderber

LAURA – Iris Romero

MAUD – Melissa Anne Scott

“LIBRETTO” by Robin Rothstein

CLAIRE – Jannah Morales

DOUGLAS – Rick Saenz

“HEMLOCK” by Michael Verderber

NATALIE HEMLOCK – Jannah Morales

Gutierrez will direct “Libretto” and Verderber will direct “The Dead Wife” and “Hemlock”.


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