Final Examination is a one man show which features different characters which comprise of the college experience and a glimpse of those in the the “real world”. In essence, these are characters like: a romantic who longs for true love, a scared person who is away from home for the first time, to your typical myspace junkie, are just like the people we see everyday.

Written by Gabriel Ruiz

Directed by James Taylor Maupin IV

Gabriel is finally graduating from college. Having the rest of his life right ahead of him, he contemplates the entire meaning of graduation.
Mr. Loon-leey
They say the French are masters of romance, but this guy can make you wonder. He sometimes has the smoothness of a jagged edge and struck out a few dozen times. Somehow, he does manage to get through for what is to be a night to remember
Young and away from home for the first time, Oscar struggles to adapt to his new surroundings. How can he handle these changes? Maybe a voice from within has the answer.
In need of a friend? So is Jeremy! If your friend just so happens to be a computer connected to his most favorite web site in the world: Myspace.
For Beatrice
What started out to be a once in a lifetime opportunity was suddenly brought to a halt to Adam’s life with the death of his Grandmother. Maybe a conversation with God could help him find some guidance.


About the Cast and Crew
Gabriel Ruiz [Writer / Performer] has appeared in over 60 film and theatre productions since 2000. Previous writing credits include Confessional and Miss Negativity. Ruiz is the co-Founder of Zero Untitled Productions and will graduate in 2007 from TAMUK with a Bachelor’s in Theatre Arts.

James Taylor Maupin IV [Director] has been a part of 6 Zero Untitled Productions and this is his directorial debut. Previous credits include In Regards, Mimeumentary and Boy’s Life.

Michael Verderber [Composer] has taken part in over 70 film and theatre projects since the late 1990s. He is the co-founder of Zero Untitled Productions and his original music compositions have appeared in Alice in Wonderland, The Matress (A&M Commerce), and Jack the Beanstalker.

Kurt “Buck” Mann [Musician] is taking part in his third Zero Untitled Production. His previous credits include Mimeumentary and House Party Mix-Up.

Rick Saenz [Lights] has acted in several TAMUK productions. For Zero Untitled, he has directed House Party Mix-Up and Amputation. He also appeared in Once Enslaved.

Jeanpierre Heurtelou [Tech] has appeared in two Zero Untitled productions. His credits include Sorority Sisters From Hell and, more recently, Once Enslaved.
Felicia Morin [Tech & Box] was one of the leads in Zero Untitled Production’s Miss Negativity, performed last year. She also actively participates in TAMUK productions.


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