Continuing the tradition of a college-themed comedy show ala “Welcome Freshmen”, comes “Fish and Giggles” another Premature Punchline show focusing on life as a college student.  The games and skits performed were:

Frat House Party Quirks

Sorority Dating Game

“True College Learning” (skit)

Penalty Hat

Student Film Maker (aka “Pitch”)

Premature Quoteline

Audience Choice (Party Quirks)

From left to right: Aaron Salinas, Rolando Rios, Joshua Cavazos, Andrew Frimpong (on bottom), and Nicholas Zaragosa during the game “Penalty Hat”.

The cast was: Evy Alaniz, Caleb Bonitz, Joshua Cavazos, Andrew Frimpong, Deborah Gerd, Heraclio Gonzales, Jr, Julio Martinez, Rolando Rios, Aaron Salinas, Michael Verderber, and Nicholas Zaragosa. Crew was Rebekah Ramos.









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