Fishnado skit

Continuing the tradition of our college-themed shows, comes “FISHNADO!”, a spoof nick named after the wildly popular (yet cult) favorite “Sharknado”. The free show was performed on August 29 at 8:00 in the Blue Room.

 (Photo: Zaragosa, Salinas, Gonzalez, and Bonitz performing the skit “Welcome to College”)



The cast was as follows:

Antonio Verastegui

Heraclio Gonzalez, Jr.

Michael Verderber

Aaron Salinas

Caleb Bonitz

Luis Zaragosa

Julio Martinez

Katherine Orozco – Special Guest

Rebekah Ramos – Special Guest

Joshua “Beta” McCaulley – Special Guest

fishnado flyer

 The show’s set list:


Fishnado! 8/29/2013


Intro: Herc

– Everybody!


Work Study- 

Intro- Aaron

– Luis and Caleb (Guessers)

-Herc, Aaron and Dubs (Board)


Intro/ Jules

Sorority Dating Game

Intro- Luis

– Caleb (Guesser)

Luis, Dubs and Antwon (Frat bros.)

Round 2- Luis (Guesser)

Aaron, Herc, Barry (Frat Bros.)


Intro- Dubs                                                         

Dubs and Caleb

Round 2- Barry and Herc


Intro- Caleb

Antwon, Caleb and Aaron

Round 2- Luis, Herc, Barry and Dubs

 fishnado puppets(Photo: McCaulley and Gonzalez with two audience participants.)

ZERO -070

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