Zero Untitled is proud to present our 25th production in the company’s history! “Fractured” is the collective title of four different tales of death, betrayal, fear, and loss.  The four pieces, “Before We Met“, “Hemlock”, “Red Roses All Over Me“, and  “Through Glass”  are a culmination of theatre pieces and short stories.  Directors were given full creative liberty for the creation and conception of the works.  Performances begin Nov. 10, 11, 12 starting at 8:00 in the Blue Room.

“Before We Met” by Liza Morin; dir. Jannah Morales

Girl – Olivia Cervantes

Boy – Jeanepierre Heurtelou

Chorus – Sara Flores, Caleb Felder


“Hemlock” by Michael Verderber; dir. Melissa Anne Scott

Natalie Hemlock – Jannah Morales


“Red Roses All Over Me” by David Gutierrez; dir. Barry Berryhill

Reader 1 – Barry Berryhill

Reader 2 – Erika Cashwell

Man – Michael Verderber

Woman – Lady Kora

“Through Glass” by Coy Bolton; dir. Michael Verderber

Chance – Chad Wallace

Dr. Campbell – Brian Worrall

Hope – Savannah Martinez

Alphonse – Barry Berryhill

Abbey – Olivia Cervantes

Lena – Sara Flores

Daniel – Jeanpierre Heurtelou

PR and Programs – Felicia Morin


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