The sequel to the highly successful “Freakshow Theatre”! This time, more freaks, fire breathers and craziness! There’s a new Ringleader in town and this time he’s twice as evil as before. When the Tarot readers warn him of his impending demise, the Ringleader chooses to ignore his fate and later falls victim to its grasp – a 1900’s version of Oedipus!
The Ringleader – Barry Berryhill
Jugglers & Firebreathers – Rick Saenz, Michael Verderber, Vanessa Vargas, Ed, Amy
Harlequinn #1 – Felicia Morin
Harlequinn #2 – Jinnelle Aguilar-Henley

Barker -Carla Estrada
Belial, the Pretzel boy – O’Ryan White
The Bearded Lady – Felicia Castillo
Loki The Magnificent – Jessie Shaw

Freakshow Theatre II Edward






Freakshow Hooks





Written by Michael Verderber

Directed by Gabriel Ruiz, Michael Verderber

Lights by Nigel Gomez Sound by Amanda

Set Design by Michael Verderber

HIGHLIGHT: When people started leaving when Loki put his pet scorpion in his mouth!

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