Our first production and venture into theatre. The show is a tribute to the carnival freakshows of the early 20th centuries, complete with juggling, a ringleader, improved acting, pretzel boy, and fire breathing. The arrogant Ringleader is too caught up in his own show that he is inconsiderate of the rest of the performers. So, the Harlequinns show him a thing or two…

The Ringleader – Michael Verderber
Mr. Pain – Scott Ian Ray
Harlequinn#1 – Aurelia “Ro” Guzman
Harlequinn#2 – Janae Reeder
Belial, the Pretzel boy – O’Ryan White
Madame Mephisto, the Bearded Lady – Desiree Valdez
Loki The Magnificent – Jessie Shaw

Written by Michael Verderber and Gabriel Ruiz

Directed by Michael Verderber

Lights by Nigel Gomez

Set Design by Michael Verderber

HIGHLIGHT: “Freakshow Theatre” was the first outdoor theatre done at Texas A&M Univ. – Kingsville in thirty years.


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