IMAG1556 (pictured: Jessica Rojas, Julio Martinez)


“From Passion 2013” is a collaboration with Texas A&M University – Kingsville’s Department of Language and Literature.  Like last year’s “From Passion to Page” show, this year’s production featured eleven novice playwrights taking their stab and writing plays, monologues, and other short scenes as part of the requisite for ENGL 3300 Playwriting, taught by Michael Verderber.

The play performances will be staged in the Blue Room in Sam Fore Hall.

WEEK ONE – November 22, 2013 – Blue Room

WEEK TWO – November 26, 2013 – Blue Room

* * * * *

The Department of Language & Literature presents

From Passion 2013

DAY ONE – November 22, 2013

 Coming Out Party(pictured: Heraclio Gonzalez, Jr., Aaron Salinas)



By Beth Marie Cantu

Dir. Katherine Orozco


BURT – Aaron Salinas

ABRAHAM – Heraclio Gonzalez, Jr.


Dependents(pictured: Jessica Rojas, Julio Martinez)


By Luis Zaragosa

Dir. Julio Martinez

CHRIS – Julio Martinez

JENNIFER – Jessica Rojas





By Venessa Santos

Dir. Michael Verderber


DORA – Beth Marie Cantu



By Benny Latigo

Dir. Emanuel Ibanez


PEPPER PEP – Michal Idziak



By Anjela Mireles

Dir. Beth Marie Cantu


WOMAN – Beth Marie Cantu


Coach o.t. Year(Pictured: Aaron Salinas, Anissa Medina, Julio Martinez, Joshua Cavazos)


By Steven Dallas Chapa

Dir. Rebekah Ramos

COACH RYAN – Josh Cavazos

PAIGE – Anissa Medina

XAVIER – Julio Martinez

JOSEPH – Aaron Salinas


———- DAY TWO – November 26, 2013 ———–

 Bro Complex(pictured: Edward Fernandez, Michael Verderber)


By Rebekah Ramos

Dir. Julio Martinez


GOEFF – Michael Verderber

RYAN – Edward Fernandez


Too Little(pictured: Reyna Chavez, Amber Badger)


By Veronica Ortiz

Dir. Michael Verderber

MS. GOMEZ – Reyna Chavez


STACEY – Amber Badger

MRS. BAZAN – Elizabeth Lysinger



By Emanuel Ibanez

Dir. Rebekah Ramos


MAN – Luis Zaragosa


Torn(Pictured: Christina Saldivar, Clarissa Alvaez, Amber Johnson)


By Kelsey Brown

Dir. Luis Zaragosa

BIANCA – Christina Saldivar

DEANNA – Clarissa Alvarez

ABBY – Amber Johnson

 Shrink(Pictured: Mario Ramos, Joshua McCaulley)


By Elan Perez

Dir. C.J. Lillie

DOC – Joshua “Beta” McCaulley

ROGER – Mario Ramos

* * * * * *

Beth Marie Cantu – A frequent actress for Zero Untitled, this is Beth’s first venture into theatrical writing.  Acting-wise, she has recently appeared in There’s a Hotel at the End and Nightmare of Oz.

Katherine Orozco – Recently co-directed her own plays Lolita & The Fox, A Glass Veil and has also directed The Thin Divide, among others.

Aaron Salinas – Mr. Salinas’s acting credits include The Walls Have Faces, Eighty-Six Thousand Four Hundred Seconds, and Premature Punchline, among other ventures.

Heraclio Gonzalez, Jr. – teaches theatre at H.M. King High School and has acted in Ankur Adrift, Mimeumentary, and Fish & Giggles, among others.

Luis Zaragosa – recently wrote The Walls Have Faces, in which he starred and is a contributor to Textual Overture. His directing credits include skits in Premature Punchline.

Julio Martinez – has directed There’s a Hotel At the End, Only Slighty Mad, among others.

Elan Perez – is enrolled in ENGL 300 and has acted in A Winter’s Harvest.

Jessica Rojas – is new in ZU and recently performed as a Pawn in A Winter’s Harvest.

Angela Mireles – Mireles’s previous ZU production was A Kidnapping, Seriously? during last year’s From Passion to Page.

Venessa Santos – is a student enrolled in ENGL 3300.

Michael Verderber – teaches ENGL 3300 and has acted in Domestic Insanity, Se7en, and others.

Benny LatigoAt The Tone… is Mr. Latigo’s first written submission and has last acted in Into Hell and The Rape of Lucrece.

Emanuel Ibanez – is a student in ENGL 3300 and is directing and writing for the first time.

Michal Idziak – is in his acting debut with Zero Untitled.

Steven Dallas Chapa – previously appeared in All the World’s a Stage and his written work includes Tarantino Shakespeare.

Rebekah Ramos – has directing credits including the touring It’s Not Very Effective, Flowers in the Fall (2012), Game of Fortune, among others.

IMAG1554 (pictured: Heraclio Gonzalez, Jr, Aaron Salinas)

Josh Cavazos – has several acting credits including G.P.S.: Gender’s Problematic Situation, Blame Not My Lute, and Acoustical, and several others.

Anissa Medina – recently appeared in Cookie!, Pot & Kettle, and Nightmare of Oz.

Edward Fernandez  – lasted acted in A Winter’s Harvest and is new to the Zero Untitled cast and crew.

Veronica Ortiz – is a student enrolled in ENGL 3300.

Reyna Chavez – stage managed Pinko’s Pirouette just last month and is new to the ZU family.

Brian Hinojosa – is on stage for the first time with Zero Untitled.

Amber Badger – was last seen performing in A Winter’s Harvest and wishes to pursue acting.

Elizabeth Lysinger – last acted in A Glass Veil and acted in the staged reading of Chapters, part of the Textual Overture series.

Kelsey Brown – is a student in ENGL 3300 and is stage managing and writing for ZU for the first time.

Christina Saldivar – acts in Premature Punchline, Nightmare of Oz, and will perform in the forthcoming Cowboy Mime.

Clarissa Alvarez – New to the ZU family, Ms. Alvarez was last seen in First Names and A Winter’s Harvest.

Amber Johnson – an avid fan of Zero Untitled, this will be her first time on this side of the stage.

C.J. Lillie – mainly a writer (Welcome to College, Not That Wise), Mr. Lillie’s directing credit so far is There Always.

Joshua “Beta” McCaulley – Mr. McCaulley can frequently be seen in Premature Punchline, but has acting credits in There Always and Injection.

Mario Ramos – is onstage for the first time. He was crew for Injection last month.

(pictured: Christina Saldivar, Clarissa Alvarez, Amber Johnson)IMAG1585


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