by Don Nigro

Glamorgan darker imageDon Nigro’s play “Glamorgan” will be staged at the Blue Room on September 6 and 7.  As part of the Pendragon cycle of work, this gothic play focuses on the lives of 5 individuals that must deal with loss, torment, and pain.  The play skips around in time and space between a castle in Wales, an inn called “Bunch of Grapes” in Boston, and other locales between the years of 1736 and 1780.

The play will be directed by David Gutierrez, who previously directed Forest and Wandering Blvd (the latter which will be published through Fountainhead Press).  Gutierrez has recently worked on several shows in the Dallas area and most recently directed “Hotel de Fools” with McKinney Rep Theatre.

Actors and actresses set to perform are C.J. Lillie playing the role of Owen Pendragon, who has previously acted in “Only Slightly Mad” and “Cooookie!”, among others.  He is currently playing the role of Shylock in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice.

Katherine Orozco will portray the fragile-minded Mary Pendragon; she is currently playing Portia in The Merchant of Venice and has numerous credits with ZU including playing the lead and co-directing her own full-length A Glass Veil.

Long-time ZU affiliate O’Ryan White makes his return to the stage as Zachary Lamb.  White teaches theatre at Academy High School and has previously played the antagonist in the 2012 play Shattered.

Rebekah Ramos plays the narrator-esque character, Jane Lamb, daughter of Mary Pendragon.  Ramos last appeared acting in Nightmare of Oz and stage-managed The Rorshach Test.

Playing the role of Jane Griffith, the servant girl of Owen Pendragon, will be Jennifer Limon.  Limon’s previous acting credits include The Bachelorette Party and a lead role in Nightmare of Oz.

Juggling the tech demands of run crew, lights, and sound will be Antonio Verastegui and Josh “Beta” McCaulley.  Verastegui has recently performed in Fishnado and Lolita and the Fox,  and McCaulley also appeared in Fishnado and The Game of Fortune.

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“Glamorgan” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.










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